Cal Poly Pomona

Information Security

The Information Security Working Group with the accompanying campus processes is a general framework used to assist the campus with information security procedures and related policy development.  The group serves to provide recommendations IT and the CIO on procedures and policy. The group also assists with responding to related security events and provides recommendations to the CIO on the response to those events.

All Divisions are represented as well as Faculty and students.

Working Group Members
Al Arboleda Co-Chair, IT
Sharon Reiter Co-Chair, Administrative Affairs
Anita Jessup Academic Affairs
Bruce Kenedy Academic Affairs
Joice Xiong Administrative Affairs
Christine Hall ASI
Dan Manson Faculty
VACANT Faculty
VACANT Faculty
Rebecca Gutierrez Keeton Student Affairs
Melissa Riordan University Advancement
Uyen Mai University Advancement
Randy Townsend University Foundation

This page was last updated on September 9, 2014