Cal Poly Pomona

Administrative Technology

The Administrative Technology Working Group sets priorities, recommends major purchases, and recommends system improvements for administrative enterprise applications and those applications that are associated with the PeopleSoft enterprise system. The administrative enterprise applications include the Student Information Systems and related applications, University Data initiatives, and Document Management initiatives. 

The Administrative Technology Working Group will provide recommendations to IT and the CIO on major initiatives that impact the PeopleSoft enterprise system.

All Divisions are represented as well as Faculty and ASI.

Working Group Members
Glendy Yeh Co-Chair, IT
Kathy Street Co-Chair, Student Affairs
Claudia Pinter-Lucke Academic Affairs
Teresa Taylor Academic Affairs
Darwin Labordo Administrative Affairs
Jane Self Administrative Affairs
Devon Graves ASI
Zhongming Ma Faculty
Angela Shih Faculty
Diane Carter IT
Tim Raymond IT
Cathy Bates Student Affairs
Thomas Puchalski Student Affairs
Joe Boeke University Advancement


This page was last updated on September 9, 2014