Cal Poly Pomona

Accessible Technology Initiative

The Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI) Working Group is the CSU’s roadmap for ensuring accessibility of information technology and resources in compliance with Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act and CSU’s Executive Order 926.  The ATI Working Group prepares and monitors plans for meeting Section 508 and CSU guidelines.

The ATI Working Group will prepare recommendations to the CIO for ensuring CPP’s compliance with Section 508 and Executive Order 926.

All Divisions are represented in the ATI Working Group as well as members of the Faculty, ASI, and the Foundation.

Working Group Members
Carol Gonzales Co-Chair, IT
Kevin Colaner Co-Chair, Student Affairs
Sherry Daniel Academic Affairs
Victoria Bhavsar - e-Learning Academic Affairs
Bo Choi Academic Affairs - e-Learning
Carmen Munoz-Silva Administrative Affairs
Debra Garr Administrative Affairs - Procurement
Kathleen Prunty Administrative Affairs - Procurement
Andrea Tinchinda ASI
Cathy Ann Neale ASI
Jayson Smith Faculty
VACANT Faculty
Glendy Yeh IT
Debbie Jackley Student Affairs
Tracee Passeggi Student Affairs - Disability Resource Center
Catherine Schmitt Witaker Student Affairs
Suzanne Donnelly University Foundation
Michelle Magcalas University Advancement


This page was last updated on September 9, 2014