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Cal Poly Pomona’s 75th Anniversary

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration and wristbands

Q: Does a CPP student need to register to attend the free events?
A: Yes, students can register for free until January 31. Starting February 1st, it will cost students $5 to attend Homecoming.

Q: Can I register the day of?
A: Yes, on Friday, you can go to in the Bronco Bookstore building and you can register on-site. On Saturday, registration will be on the Darlene May Gym patio

Parent & Family Breakfast

Q: Is it $11.50 per family or per person?
A: The price is per person

Q: Is there a limit on how many family members can purchase tickets?
A: No limit, bring the whole family!

Q: Is it a buffet or individual ordering?
A: Buffet, enjoy all that Los Olivos has to offer!

Parking Permits for people that already have a current parking permit.

Q: If an individual has a regular student/faculty or staff parking permit... does that work on Feb. 7th and Feb 8th?
A: Current permit holders DO NOT need to purchase a special parking permit for Homecoming.

Q: Do the same rules for parking apply to all of the lots on campus (after hours, etc.) as on normal days?
A: Yes, all parking rules still apply during homecoming.