Student Learning Outcomes Documents

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FN Mission & Vision

FN BS Program Goals

FN Goals mapped to Student Learning Outcomes

College of Ag MS Nutrition Food Science Program Goals

Program Assessment Documents

2002-2008 Assessment Related Material

Data available in Department Office effective Fall 2008

  • Student performance on completing SLOs by major core course (2002 - 2008)
  • Senior Exit quantitative questionnaire data (2002-2008)
    • Satisfaction with university, college and department programs
    • Confidence levels in meeting stated major student learning outcomes in major
    • Satisfaction with major courses
    • Satisfaction with advising
    • Satisfaction with the first year experience
  • Dietetic Internship acceptance rates
  • Graduate, Professional School acceptance rates
  • National RD exam pass rates and raw scores (2002-2008)
  • Analysis and Actions to Improve Curriculum and Student Learning
    • Periodic HNFS program and SLO analysis when trend data are available.
    • Quarterly individual faculty analysis on course assessment data
    • Annual faculty retreats to review curriculum and discuss committee suggestions

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