Cal Poly Pomona

Building Maintenance Services


This unit includes:

  • Carpenter & Maintenance Shop
  • Paint Shop
  • Renewal Shop


  • We meet our customer's needs by providing superior quality services in a timely manner, at a competitive cost.
  • We work as a team to maintain and improve campus buildings, equipment and infrastructure in a functional and safe condition.

Building Maintenance Services employs approximately 10 carpenters, painters, maintenance mechanics, and facilities workers. Its task is to maintain and service the campus buildings and infrastructures to be in good working condition to ensure a safe and comfortable learning environment. In addition to daily routine maintenance, this unit also works to make continuous improvements to enhance the campus facilities. Over $2.5 million in remodeling and special repair projects are completed annually. Building Maintenance Services works in unison with the other Facilities Management shops to complete projects, striving to produce a seamless appearance to the customers.

The Carpenter & Maintenance Shop builds and installs new cabinetry and responds to emergencies, such as replacing broken windows. This shop also constructs and installs counters, lockers, shelves, doors, window frames, paneling, and insulation.

This shop is also responsible for a broad range of skilled activities, including repairs to concrete and asphalt; repairs and maintenance of roofs and roof drains; and repairs to fences, gates and roadway signs. This shop serves the campus community by repairing, assembling and installing department assets such as modular furniture, display cases, chalk and white boards, and bookcases.

The Paint Shop is responsible for painting interior and exterior surfaces, wallboard finishing, plastering, and traffic lane striping. This shop maintains over 5 million square feet of painted surfaces.

The Renewal Shop was created in September 2000 to support the Facilities Renewal Program. This program consists of repainting, repairing and refinishing one campus building at a time. The purpose of the program is to improve the learning environment of the campus by making much needed repairs to the common areas and improving features such as lighting, accessibility, restrooms and the overall general appearance of floors, walls and ceilings. The maintenance needs of the building are identified with the help of the dean or department head. The Renewal Shop then gives the building a "face lift": All surfaces are patched and painted; new flooring is installed, if necessary; damaged ceiling tiles are replaced; and any apparent mechanical, electrical and plumbing problems are repaired

Renewals Completed:

  • Building 1 (Administration Offices)
  • Building 2 (College of Agriculture)
  • Building 5 (School of Education and Integrative Studies & CLASS)
  • Building 6 (College of Business)
  • Building 7 (College of Environmental Design)
  • Building 8 (College of Science)
  • Building 9 (College of Engineering)
  • Building 13 (Art Dept / Engineering Annex)
  • Building 24 (Music Building)
  • Building 25 (Drama & Theatre)
  • Building 29 (Kellogg Arabian Horse Unit)
  • Building 41 (Darlene May Gym)
  • Building 43 (Kellogg Gym)
  • Building 45 (Agricultural Engineering)
  • Building 67 (Equine Research Center)
  • Building 92 (Animal Research Lab Facility)
  • Building 94 (University Office Building)
  • Building 98, Classroom Section (CLA)

Renewals in Process:

  • None

The following is a partial list of additional tasks performed by Building Maintenance Services:

  • Installs and removes equipment, signs and banners
  • Sets up and takes down barricades
  • Provides emergency flood control
  • Replaces ceiling and floor tiles
  • Maintains pools and decks
  • Replaces broken glass
  • Removes graffiti
  • Hangs pictures