Cal Poly Pomona

Why This Major?

Heather Morois

 Heather Morois- Development and Sales Representative at Syngenta Crop Production

Hello my name is Heather Morois and I recently graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a B.S. in Food Marketing & Agribusiness Management (now Agribusiness and Food Industry Management). I currently work for Syngenta Crop Protection who is one of the largest Agribusiness companies. One of our large competitors is Monsanto. My position is a Developmental Sales Representative for the company. While with the company I have had the opportunity to travel all around the United States, be involved with a great company, meet new people, and use my skills that I received at Cal Poly Pomona in a real world situation. I got to this point through majoring in FMAM and being involved in the college of Agriculture. The Agribusiness major is a great major because you have the opportunity to go into so many different careers. While in college I was actively involved on the Western Collegiate Food Marketing Competition(WCFMC) & Ag Ambassadors. I highly encourage all Agribusiness students to be in the WCFMC team at least once. It’s a great way to apply all your classes into a real world situation. Being on the team teaches you how to work together, work under pressure, get creative, and learn more about how a marketing campaign is designed.

Adam Denbo

Adam Denbo- President/CEO of California Agribusiness Credit Union

The Agribusiness major is a 4 year degree at Cal Poly Pomona, and it is an excellent field to major in due to the fact that California is the largest agribusiness state. Being in this major helped me tremendously in becoming a successful President and CEO because while in school the courses focused on Agribusiness situations that I face at my work.  A faculty with knowledge, longevity and the hands-on approach to "learning by doing" was just the right mix to help me become the sucessful person I am today.  I graduated in 1996 with a BS in Agricultural Business Managment, and then went on to recieve my MBA in International Finance in 2003.   

Jason Edgar

Jason Edgar- Cascade Specialties (Vegetable Dehydration) Agriculture Manager

Cal Poly Pomona was the best university for me to attend to achieve my goals. The class sizes are small and the one-on-one attention really helps. Everything covered helps prepare you for the challenges of management. I have found that all the classes helped me to prepare for the real world, by giving me examples, theories, and practical concepts of working in the real world. I graduted from Cal Poly Pomona on 2005 with a BS in Agribusiness and Food Industry Management (now Agribusiness and Food Industry Management).

Kristal Clark

Kristal Wendy Clark-   (Food Marketing & Agribusiness Management)

In 2005 I graduated from Cal Poly Pomona with a BS in Food Marketing and Agribusiness (now Agribusiness and Food Industry Management). Since then, I have realized how my major has helped me become successful. My career has given me a chance to travel, face new challenges everyday, receive great company benefits, and meet new interesting people as well as acquire new connections. While in school, I was on the Western Collegiate Food Marketing Team.  Being on the team gave me real-life experiences that I now face everyday at work. Some advice that I have for future students is to participate in paid internships, don't burn bridges (because this industry is so small), and the best way to get a job is through someone you know.


Nicole Hammack

Nicole Hammack- Conference Manager

Cal Poly Pomona has a good Agriculture program. The business information taught in the program was applicable. This program helped stimulate independent thinking and learn by doing. I graduated Valedictorian from Cal Poly Pomona in 1997. Upon graduation I was the Associate Director of the Off-Campus Cal Poly Pomona MBA program.I then continued in business in the event planning industry. I highly recommend that you be part of the marketing team and clubs on campus. The marketing team differentiates you in the business world.