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A group of Food Industry students give a presentation

The Agribusiness and Food Industry Management major teaches the application of business concepts to the agricultural industry. Because of the wide selection of course offerings, a broad range of occupational choices is available to the graduate. These include the banking and finance area, food and fiber processing, sales and marketing positions, federal, state and county government units, agricultural communications, farm and ranch management, commodity and produce brokerage, packing house management and supermarket management. The core is designed to provide students with an understanding of the basic functions of business and the application of theory and practice to the agribusiness industry. The directed electives and career tracks allow the student to design a curriculum that is more closely in tune with the student's career goals. The two career tracks allow students to tailor course work to their particular interests.

The Agribusiness and Food Industry track is directed more towards the domestic agribusiness and food industry. Within this track, students can generally emphasize some aspect of marketing or management with courses in both agriculture and business. Interested students can even direct their course work towards a specific technical area such as management of a crop or animal enterprise. The Animal Industry or Equine Industry track is for the students who want to combine the passion for animals with a business career.

As a supplement to classroom and laboratory meetings, field trips are taken to distribution centers, production areas, and other related industries within agriculture. Frequent visits by guest speakers from leading agricultural firms further ensure that students gain practical, current knowledge. In addition to business management, sales, and salespromotional training, students may elect studies in specified production fields to gain valuable production techniques and experience necessary for job competency. As a senior, the student is encouraged to take part-time employment in a related agricultural industry of interest.