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Global Trade Specialists is offering the Global Trade Specialist Scholarship of $1,000 for the best report on the book, “China Road: A Journey into the Future of a Rising Power” by Rob Gifford. Deadline: August 31, 2014

Power Graphics Digital Imaging Scholarship is offering a $500 scholarship open to students pursuing a degree in art, graphic design, marketing or related field. Deadline: August 31, 2014

Banner Stand Pros is offering a $500 scholarship to students pursuing a degree in art, graphic design or marketing. Deadline: August 31, 2014

K Alliance is offering a $500 scholarship and will be awarded to the student who writes the most compelling essay addressing 1 of 3 prompts. Deadline: August 31, 2014

DirecTv is offering a $2,000 scholarship to the best essay about how technology helped explore the world and broaden horizons. Deadline: September 1, 2014

JonesTshirts is a scholarship opportunity awarded to the best essay addressing at least 3 steps that you plan to take in the next year to start a path towards having a career that you love. Deadline: September 8, 2014

The NEWH Clifford R. Tuttle Scholarship of $5,000 is being offered to students who have completed half the requirements for a degree in Interior Design. Deadline: September 15, 2014 is offering two, $1,000 Pre-Grad Scholarships for juniors, seniors, and recent graduates thinking of applying to graduate school. Each quarter the two best essays describing your goals, extracurricular activities, and community involvement will be selected for this award. Deadline: September 30, December 31, March 31, and June 30

Avrek Law is offering scholarships from $1,500 to $5,000 for the best “viral video” detailing the dangers of distracted driving. Deadline: September 30, 2014

Aaron Seever Sales Scholarship of $500 and an iPad Mini is being offered each semester to good sales people. Only two, fifty-word short-answers required in application. Deadline: September 30, 2014

The American Association of Japanese University Women is offering a $2,000 scholarship to female college students who will have junior, senior or graduate standing in 2014-2015. Deadline: September 30, 2014

TakeLessons is offering 3 scholarship opportunities worth $1,000, $2,000 and $5,000 for the best 250 word essay on, "If you could earn a living doing what you love most, what would it be, and how would it change the world?" Deadline: September 30, 2014

OMAP is offering a $500 scholarship opportunity to students pursuing a career in the health care field. Deadline: September 30, 2014

The Peter Leeds Stock Trading Scholarship of $1,000 is for students who demonstrate knowledge, passion, and a promising future in stock trading, or the financial sectors. Applicants must be American or Canadian citizens. Deadline: October 1, 2014 is offering the 2014 Legal Leaders of Tomorrow Schoalrship of $1,000 for students purusing a career in the legal field. You must write a 200-300 word essay on the topic of how legal professionals can make a positive difference in their community. Deadline: October 1, 2014 

The Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship Program is offering scholarships for students intending to study abroad during the spring 2015 term. Deadline: October 7, 2014

Jan Egerton and Don Smitley Mesothelioma Scholarship of $5,000 is being offered  in an effort to teach more people about Mesothelioma. The award (one of five) will be given to the best researched and written essay about one of three topics related to Mesothelioma. Deadline: October 7, 2014

HotelsCheap is offering a $1,500 scholarship to undergrad and grad students. Open to all majors. Applicant is required to answer 4 personal, open-ended, and thought-provoking questions. Deadline: October 15, 2014

The NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program is soliciting applications for the GRFP. The GRFP provides Fellowships to individuals selected early in their graduate careers based on their demonstrated potential for significant achievements in science and engineering. The program provides three years of support for graduate study in science or engineering. Deadline: October 29, 2014

NEWH (the Hospitality Industry Network) is offering scholarships to students with a career objective in Hospitality Industry (i.e., Hotel/Restaurant Management, Culinary, Food Service, Architecture, Design, etc.) who have completed half the requirements for a degree program and have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0. Deadline: October 31, 2014

CARiD is offering a $1,000 scholarship for the best photo of any aspect of the automotive industry. Applicants must be college students between the ages of 16 and 20. Deadline: October 31, 2014

William Gary Allen is offering a $1,500 scholarship to full-time students majoring in architecture, civil engineering, city planning, environmental services or related fields. Minimum GPA 3.0 required. Deadline: October 31, 2014

The National Council of Jewish Women/Los Angeles (NCJW/LA) is offering scholarships from $1,000 to $2,000 for nursing students, teachers, single parents, mid-life women, and film production students.  Deadline: November 1, 2014

Griswold Home Care is offering a $1,000 scholarship to students with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Deadline: November 1, 2014 is offering a $2,000 scholarship for full-time students who are US citizens with the best 600 to 900 word blog pertaining to how digital learning is changing education through the internet and new technologies, and the applicant’s personal experiences that support that opinion. Deadline: November 16, 2014

Print Detective is offering the Print Detective Design a Shirt Scholarship of $500 for the T-shirt design that receives the most Facebook votes. Deadline: December 1, 2014

NEWH is offering a $5,000 Sustainable Hospitality Design Competition Scholarship for junior, senior, and graduate interior design majors. Deadline: December 12, 2014 is offering a $1,000 scholarship to high school graduates with at least 3.0 GPA or currently enrolled full-time undergraduate and graduate students with minimum 3.0 GPA. Deadline: December 14, 2014

Job-Applications is offering a $1,000 scholarship to working parents currently enrolled in higher education with a minimum GPA of 3.0. Deadline: December 14, 2014 is offering a $1,000 scholarship to the best 600 to 1,000 word essay regarding how technology has influenced and changed the day to day life of humanity.  Applicants must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0, have worked at least 12 hours for the last 4 weeks prior to applying, be a US citizen, and have a parent with at least one child who is a minor. Deadline: December 19, 2014

The Brokerfish 2015 Scholarship of $1,000 is available to undergraduate students with the best 500-1,000 word essay entitled, "The Importance of International Health Insurance for Expatriates." Deadline: December 21, 201 is offering a $1,000 Special Delivery Scholarship to undergraduates who are US citizens and have a minimum GPA of 3.0. The recipieint will be selected for the best 50 to 1,000 word essay about a time when you received a piece of mail that changed your life, and how it affected your future. Deadline: December 31, 2014

Datatech Labs is sponsoring the You Tube Scholarship Challenge of $1,000. This scholarship is for the best music video that describes Datatech Labs’ advantages and services using any song from the Billboard Top 100. Deadline: December 31, 2014

OMAP is offering a $500 scholarship opportunity to students pursuing a career in the health care field. Deadline: December 31, 2014

Dentistry at Happy Canyon is offering a $1,500 scholarshipthat will be awarded to the best essay addressing daily habits, how they can help others and how they have helped you achieve healthier teeth. Open to high school seniors and currently enrolled college students. Deadline: December 31, 2014

The Reeves Law Group Scholarship is a scholarship for students who have helped someone. They want to know what you did and how it has impacted the individual’s life and your life. You may share your story via powerpoint, video, essay, blog post, or social media post. Deadline December 31, 2014

Dietspotlight is offering scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $3,000 to the best essay addressing "the relationship between body weight and self-esteem, and how reaching a healthy body weight might improve a person's self-esteem". Deadline: December 31, 2014

American Bullion Scholarship is offered to any current high school or college student. Applicant must write an essay addressing "why is gold a good investment for the future generations". Deadline: January 1, 2015.  

The Whitaker International Award for Bioengineers is a competitive grant that sends emerging leaders in biomedical engineering (or bioengineering) overseas to increase international collaboration in the field. Deadline: January 20, 2015

The Levin Firm is offering a $1,000 scholarship for the best 500+ word essay that gets the most social media “buzz.” The essay question is, “Millions of people each year are injured in accidents involving cars and other motor vehicles. What are some ways the law can be changed in order to make our roads and highways safer?” Deadline: January 31, 2015

Steamer’s Carpet Care is offering the Steamer’s Carpet Care General Scholarship Award of $500 for the best 400 to 600 word essay detailing your reason and motivation for pursuing higher education. Deadline: March 31, 2015

A Place for Mom is offering five, A Place for Mom’s Senior Care Innovation Scholarships of $1000 available to undergraduate and graduate students studying gerontology, medicine, nursing, social work, sociology, psychology, PT/OT, speech pathology or long-term care administration. Deadline April 15, 2015

CARiD is offering a $1,000 scholarship for the best photo of any aspect of the automotive industry. Applicants must be college students between the ages of 16 and 20. Deadline: April 30, 20145 is offering the Working Student Scholarship of $2,000 to the student with the best 800 word essay regarding working and balancing time for school. This scholarship is for the 2015-2016 academic year. Deadline: June 15, 2015

ScholarshipPoints is a program in which students earns points by completing online activities. The points can then be redeemed for entries to monthly $1,000 scholarship drawings.

Scholarships in Our Lobby

Applications for some of the above scholarships are also available in the Cal Poly Pomona Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships on the third floor of the CLA Building #98 (the pointy building).

Search Engines is a quick, easy way to see what each search engine appears to offer according to the creators of this website.

FastWeb scholarship search one of the largest, most accurate and most frequently updated scholarship database with more than $3 billion in scholarships.

College Connection Scholarships has been listing free scholarship information, monthly, since 1995.

CollegeNET Mach 25 Scholarship Search database contains over 600,000 awards totaling over $1.6 billion. Keyword Search gives you a quick way to narrow down your choice to a particular scholarship or group of scholarships.

FastAid is a free, private sector scholarship search. 

Nerdscolar Find free money for college and search scholarships from over 10,000 financial aid programs.

Scholarshipexperts website is a fast, easy and free way to find and apply for scholarship. offers over 250,000 college-specific and private scholarships that you can browse by a variety of categories.

State Scholarships and Grants provide information and websites for California State scholarships. This is an excellent source for free money from countless US scholarships available through the State of California.

Student Scholarship Search allows you to browse and search for a wide variety of scholarship opportunities without having to create an account.

The California Latino Scholarship Directory is a search engine for scholarships for California's Latino students.

The Sallie Mae Scholarship search provides access to an award database containing more than 3 million scholarships worth over 16 billion dollars. The database is expanded and updated daily.

The United Negro College Fund site allows you to search through thousands of different scholarships and grants.

Visit the Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships located in the CLA Bldg. 98, 3rd floor for more outside scholarship opportunities.

Attention Students! Help out other college students and send your favorite scholarship link to Financial Aid.

Scholarship Scams: Beware of companies that guarantee or promise scholarships. Do not send money to companies that make generous promises, charge a fee for you to receive aid, request money by claiming you are a finalist or request your credit card or bank account number.

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