Open Every Day 10am-6pm
Open all summer 10am-6pm

4102 S. University Drive
Pomona, CA 91768
Store (909) 869-4906
Nursery (909) 869-2299
AGRIscapes Events (909) 869-6722
Petting Farm (909) 896-7741
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We accept checks, credit/atm cards, EBT, Bronco Bucks, and Meal Points.

Cal Poly Pomona Grown

  • Watermelon (red) $4.00 ea or 3/$10.00
  • Watermelon (yellow/orange) $5.00 ea
  • Tomatoes $1.99/lb
  • Sweet Corn 3/$0.99
  • Red Corn 2/$0.99
  • Blackberries $2.99/half pint
  • Raspberries $2.99/half pint
  • Melons (Crenshaw, Cantaloupe,
    Honey Dew) $0.29/lb
  • Lemons 4/$1.00
  • Red, White, Brown Onions $0.99/lb
  • Oro Blanco $0.50 ea
  • Beets $1.00/bunch
  • Pomelos $1.00 ea
  • Mandarins $0.99/lb
  • Cabbage $0.59/lb
  • Navel Oranges $0.99/lb
    5 lb bag $4.50, 10 lb bag $9.00
  • Black-Eyed Peas $1.99/lb
  • Many Varieties of Avocados: prices vary
  • Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice
    1/2 gallon $5.99, Pint $2.49

    Kellogg Cuvee $25 per bottle
  • Rossana Sparkling Wine $15 per bottle

    Hydroponic Produce
  • Lettuce (assorted varieties) $1.00 ea
  • Butter Lettuce (clamshell) $2.00 ea
  • Locally Grown
  • Wildflower Honey $5.99/lb

Specials, seasonal items, and more

Honey Roasted Peanut Butter
Grind your own peanuts. $5.99/lb

Nursery Specials variety of plumeria  plants for salePlumeria Plants
Variety of beautiful plants starting at $19.99 for one-gallon pots (up to15-gallon).

Trinidad Scorpion Pepper Plants
$8.99 ea
in one-gallon pots

Hass Avocado Trees $19.99 ea

ALL Dahlias (any size) $5.00 ea

Click here for a complete list of plants for sale at the Nursery.

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Wine special:One bottle of Kellogg Cuvee and one of Rossana Sparkling rose for $32 Horsehill wine special Two bottles of wine for $32
Special includes one bottle of Kellogg Cuvee and one of Rossana Brut Rose.