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ENV Visual Resources Libraries

The ENV Visual Resources Library

The ENV Visual Resources Library houses a collection of 35mm slides, digital images, videos, and CDs which support the curricula of the various departments within the College. The collection is circulated to current faculty, staff and students.  The Specialist provides reference services to users of the collection.  Consultation on accessing sources for specific images and internet searches for images are provided for faculty in support of the curricula.

Click on the following links to access films and CDs by title or subject areas.

Contact Information

Requests can be made at the Dean's Office, Building 7, Room 107 (909-869-2666).


The ENV Library is located in Bldg. 7, Room 200.


No charge for services for students and faculty:

  • Database of the College’s digital image (over 22,000 images)
  • Copies of images are available by request
  • Research provided for faculty for desired images
  • Scanning services provided for faculty
  • Scanning for students on a limited basis for images already in the collection
  • Database of available videos, CDs, and DVDs in the College’s collection which are available for checkout
  • Scanning equipment and film scanner available for faculty