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Multi-Year Pledges

A pledge is a gift commitment intended to be paid over a period of time. Your gift to Cal Poly Pomona can be paid over one year or several years. When making a pledge, you can specify when payments will begin and the frequency of payments (i.e., quarterly, semi-annually or annually).

Making increment payments with a pledge may enable a donor to consider a more significant gift that would have been otherwise impossible. With pledge payments, donors are entitled to income tax deductions allotted to the full extent provided by law.

Gifts of securities such as stocks, mutual fund shares, or other appreciated assets can be a great tax-efficient method for making a gift to Cal Poly Pomona. In most instances, you can take a tax deduction for the full market value of the gift and avoid any capital gains tax.

For sample stock transfer letters, please click on the documents below:

Sample Stock Transfer Letter for Cal Poly Pomona Foundation, Inc.
Sample Stock Transfer Letter for Cal Poly Pomona University Educational Trust (UET)

For more information about making gifts of securities, please contact Kathy Odenwald at (909) 869-2914 or at

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