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Concern for safety overrules all other considerations.  The following safety guidelines apply to all Model Shop activity.  Consult the Model Shop Supervisor if you are ever uncertain about how to safely accomplish your goals.
  1. Always obtain instruction in the safe and proper operation of any tool or machine from the Model Shop Supervisor before using it for the first time, regardless of previous outside experience.

  2. There are many ways to achieve the results you desire. Consider alternative methods and choose the safest tool for the job.

  3. Do not operate any tool or machine unless the Model Shop Supervisor is present.

  4. Work in pairs whenever possible and always be willing to help others.

  5. Report any defective tools, improper use of equipment, or other unsafe conditions to the Model Shop Supervisor immediately.

  6. No running or horseplay is allowed in the Model Shop.
  7. Report any accident or personal injury, no matter how minor, to the Model Shop Supervisor immediately.

  8. Proper clothing and footwear must be worn when working in the Model Shop.  Loose clothing must be tucked in, dangling jewelry and neckties must be removed, and long hair must be restricted.  Sandals or high heels are not permitted.  Torn clothing is not permitted.

  9. Eye protection must be worn in the Model Shop at all times.  Ear protection is recommended when working with loud machinery.

  10. Bring your own glue, tape, paper, pencils, and other consumable supplies for working in the Model Shop.  These will not be provided.

  11. Do not bring outside tools into the Model Shop.

  12. You may bring your own materials to work with or purchase materials from the Model Shop Supervisor.  Some materials, such as particle board, wafer board, MDF (medium density fiberboard), and homosote are not allowed in the Model Shop.

  13. Keep your work area clean and tidy.  Keep tools and materials orderly and in a safe location

  14. Keep any rags contaminated with oil, gas, paint,  solvents, or other combustibles in a covered metal container to avoid fire.  Any liquid spills should be cleaned up immediately.
  15. Exercise proper lifting techniques when moving heavy material or equipment.  Before lifting, be sure your path is clear of obstacles.  Keep your back vertical and use your legs when lifting objects from the floor.  Generally, materials in excess of 30 lbs or longer than six feet should be lifted by two people.
  16. Clean up after yourself.  Before you leave the shop, clean up any areas where you have been working and be willing to assist others with general cleanup.  Begin gathering your materials fifteen minutes before the shop closes.
  17. Return all tools and equipment to where they belong when you are done.
  18. No food or drink is allowed in the Model Shop.
  19. Bring your Bronco Access Card (student identification card) with you.  Whenever you work in the Model Shop, you must give your student identification card to the acting shop supervisor.  Place your card in the rack inside the shop office door until you are done working.


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