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College of Environmental Design

As one of only six polytechnic universities nationwide, the hallmark of Cal Poly Pomona is the learn-by-doing philosophy, directly stemming from its polytechnic mission. By blending theory and practice in all its disciplines, the university recognizes that the students solving classroom problems today will be the employees solving the real-world problems tomorrow. Students are afforded opportunities to apply their knowledge in hands-on projects, collaborate with faculty members on research, and participate in valuable internships and service-learning programs.


The College offers a graduate degree in Regenerative Studies; undergraduate and graduate degrees in Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Urban and Regional Planning; and undergraduate degrees in Art and Graphic Design. The five departments in the college are listed below, along with the college's interdisciplinary research center:

Vision Statement and Strategic Plan

The College of Environmental Design (ENV) connects people, places and the environment in an effort to improve communities and resolve pressing problems facing society.  With a unique integration of the arts, architecture, landscape architecture, regenerative studies, and urban and regional planning, as well as a “learn by doing” approach grounded in the polytechnic tradition, ENV is a leader in design excellence and innovative problem-solving for communities in Southern California and around the globe.  This leadership is demonstrated by ENV’s nationally-ranked educational programs and award-winning research, scholarship, creative activities, and outreach.

College Strategic Plan (Adopted February, 2009)

Map to the College of Environmental Design (Building 7)