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  • About The College About The College Welcome to the College of Engineering at Cal Poly Pomona. We are among the best engineering colleges in the nation, currently ranked 16th for undergraduate engineering by U.S. News & World Report.
  • Help upgrade our labs Help Upgrade Our Labs You can contribute to the university's 75th Anniversary Build The Future event by contributing to help upgrade the college's labs.
  • Engineering Face of the Future The Face of the Future What does the future of Cal Poly Pomona look like? We have an answer.,
  • Formula SAE Team Earns Top 10 Finish Ranking 2nd in Female Faculty A recent study shows that 21 percent of the college's engineering faculty are women, ranking us above all UCs and the other CSUs.
  • Xpressions of Xcellence 2013-14 Xpressions of Xcellence 2013-14 This year's edition of the college's annual magazine is now online.

Hall of Fame Class of 2014

Hall of Fame 2014


The college's Hall of Fame recognizes distinguished engineers and their achievements to inspire future generations of engineers. From helping usher in the era of digital television to guiding the development of California's most recogniziable structures, each inductee has made meaningful contributions deserving of honor and preservation.
Hall of Fame Class of 2014...

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Outstanding Advisors and Programs

Seleyna Beverly - First Year Orientation


The college's Engineering Freshman Advising Program has been recognized as one of the best advising programs at Cal Poly Pomona. To learn more and to view the rest of the honors...
75th Anniversary Initiative

75th Anniversary Initiative

This year, Cal Poly Pomona is celebrating its 75th Anniversary and the College of Engineering is celebrating over 55 years of successful engineering education. Throughout each year, and especially during the Anniversary Year, the college hosts a variety of special events. These are events for current students, future students, alumni and industry friends. More on the 75th Anniversary Initiative...
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