If you would like to schedule an appointment with an advisor, please contact us at (909) 979-5501. Our offices are located in 9-155.


The mission of the advising program in the College of Engineering is to provide students with accurate and consistent information regarding the requirements and process for successfully completing a B.S. degree in a timely manner. Engineering Student Services will work to provide students with advising information regarding their academic standing and resources to ensure their success at Cal Poly Pomona. The Student Services Team will work to foster a supportive and developmental environment for students so that they receive both academic and personal support on a consistent basis to further enrich their learning at Cal Poly Pomona. The staff acknowledges the diversity of the students and will support their diverse needs and academic goals. The Student Services staff will work with the academic departments within the College of Engineering to ensure accurate information is disseminated to students, parents, and other members of the university community.

At-Risk Advising

If you are a student who is Subject to Disqualification or Disqualified, you will need to make an appointment to meet with the Engineering Undergraduate Advisor, Selyna Beverly. You will need to complete the form located below and bring it to your appointment. Please review the academic standing policy also located below before you come to your appointment.

Academic Self-Assessment Worksheet
Academic Standing Policy

General Advising

All other students that are not first time freshmen will need to consult with their assigned advisor in their department. Please make sure you are following your curriculum and touching base with your advisor to prevent problems with graduation. The department curriculum sheets are located below.

College Curriculum Sheets
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