Ericka Tucker


My name is Ericka Tucker and I am an Assistant Professor (TT) in the Department of Philosophy at Cal Poly Pomona.

I received my A.B. in Philosophy from Brown University (1999) and my Ph.D. in Philosophy from Emory University (2009).

Although these dates are 10 years apart, I did not spend a decade in grad school. For four years I worked as a network engineer by day and community radio producer by evening and weekend in Portland, Oregon.

In the Philosophy Department at Cal Poly Pomona I teach “Social and Political Philosophy,” “Great Philosophers,” “Philosophical Issues in the Law,” “Introduction to Philosophy,” “Modern Philosophy,” “Contemporary Philosophy,” “Logic and Computing,” “Seminar on Epistemology and Metaphysics,” and the “Seminar on Law and Values.” In the Department of Ethnic and Women’s Studies I teach a course called “Women in Global Perspective”.

My research areas are Early Modern Philosophy (Spinoza, Hobbes, History of Moral and Political Philosophy), Social, Moral and Political Philosophy (Democracy Theory, Global Justice, Theories of Normativity, Social Ontology), and Feminist Philosophy.

I am interested broadly in questions of human empowerment and the nature of normativity. I am particularly interested in the metaphysical and psychological underpinnings of human social and political life. I explore these questions through a variety of sources, including: 17th century philosophical works, contemporary metaphysics, social, moral and political philosophy, affective neuroscience, and white papers from development theorists and practitioners. 

I am currently on leave as a researcher at the University of Helsinki in the Philosophical Psychology, Morality and Politics Research Unit.


    Winter 2014:

    Introduction to Philosophy

    History of Modern Philosophy



     eltucker @ csupomona . edu

R.I.P. Dr. Steven Strange.