Placement in Language Classes

Many students come to us each year requesting placement into the appropriate level of Spanish, French or German. If you have not studied the language in high school or college, and if you do not speak it at home, the appropriate course for you will be the first course in the sequence.

  • Spanish: SPN 151
  • French: FL 101
  • German: FL 111

No placement test is currently offered for Chinese.

Native/Heritage Speakers of Spanish

If you grew up in a Spanish-speaking household please do not register for SPN 151. The appropriate beginning course for you is SPN 154.

More Than Two Years of High School Spanish

Students who have completed 2 years of Spanish in high school with a B or better may enroll in a 200 level course (SPN 251, 252 or 253) without taking the placement exam. Students with AP courses should contact one of the Spanish advisors.

Placement Exam

If you have had some previous language study at either the high school or college level, or if you speak the language at home to any extent, we strongly recommend that you take the WebCAPE Placement Exam, an online exam developed at BYU:

The WebCAPE is available online 24/7. It is unproctored, and you can take it from home. There is a charge of $10 for taking the exam, which you pay directly to the company that owns the exam when you take it. You will receive your results immediately upon completing the test.

Please note that the placement exam does NOT grant academic credit, and it does NOT exempt a student from any language requirements. It is for placement purposes only. We recommend that incoming students complete the test prior to attending the Academic Orientation Program in order to help academic advisors and students with appropriate selection of courses.

Exam Scores Interpreted

You will receive your score immediately upon completing the exam. Please note or print your score, and use it to determine the appropriate language course for you according to the following tables.

SPANISH—non-native/non-heritage students
0-260 SPN 151, Elementary Spanish I
261-310 SPN 152, Elementary Spanish II
311-350 SPN 153, Elementary Spanish III

351 or above

SPN 251, Intermediate Spanish
SPN 252, Intermediate Spanish Reading
SPN 253, Intermediate Spanish Conversation


SPANISH—native/heritage students
300 or below use non-native scores, above
301-440 SPN 154, Spanish for Spanish Speakers I
441 or above SPN 250, Spanish for Spanish Speakers II


0-280 FL 101, Elementary French I
281-320 FL 102, Elementary French II
321-360 FL 103, Elementary French III
361 or above see advisor


0-280 FL 111, Elementary German I
281-320 FL 112, Elementary German II
321-360 FL 113, Elementary German III
361 or above see advisor


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