New Minor in Mandarin Chinese Approved!

Beginning in Fall 2013, students can declare a minor in Mandarin Chinese. A Chinese minor provides a distinct competetive edge to students in many different majors--from Business to Engineering to Hospitality. It can likewise open the door to rewarding study abroad experiences at universities in China. For the Chinese minor you must take the following required courses:

  • FL 271 Intermediate Chinese I (requires basic knowledge of the language)
  • FL 272 Intermediate Chinese II
  • FL 273 Intermediate Chinese III
  • FL 371 Chinese Civilization
  • FL 499 Special Topics for Upper Division Students

You must take ONE additional course selected from the following:

  • ENG 371 Chinese Civilization and Traditions
  • PHL 305 Philosophy and Religion of China
  • HST 301 Early and Medieval China
  • HST 302 China from 900 to 1800
  • HST 303 China from 1800
  • HST 365 China from 1949

For placement, or to get started on your Chinese minor, please contact a Chinese advisor (contact information at right).


The major in Spanish

The minor in Spanish

The minor in Spanish provides a flexible, six-course program of study ideal for majors in Business, Liberal Studies, Agriculture, Hospitality Management, and many other fields.  Students choose three intermediate language courses, and three upper-division courses of which one must be in literature, one in culture, and one in an area of the student’s choosing.  Consult the complete course list for details, and if you have questions, do not hesitate to contact a Spanish advisor. 


The minor in French

The official working language (with English) of many international organizations, including the UN, French has a long history as the lingua franca of diplomacy, culture and the arts worldwide.  Large parts of Africa and the Americas speak French  today.  French cultural and political influence has been dominant at certain periods in Russia, Latin America, Western Europe, North America, parts of Africa, and parts of Southeast Asia.  French continues to be the second most studied foreign language in the U.S. after Spanish.  The French minor offers balanced coursework in language, literature and culture.  Consult the complete course list for details, and if you have questions do not hesitate to contact Liliane Fucaloro, Professor of French ( 

The CSU French Consortium

A selection of upper division courses are available online via the French Consortium, an organization of four CSU campuses that delivers upper division French courses to member campuses.  An online French Consortium course may be substituted for any of the upper division courses listed above to satisfy requirements for the minor in French.

Why study French?

German and Chinese certificates

We offer certificates of language study in German and Chinese enabling students to develop spoken and written competencies in these languages, and documenting for future employers the cultural and linguistic competencies they have attained.  Both certificates require four courses (16 units) of coursework beyond the first-year language sequence.  Students may enter both certificate programs either by completion of the first-year sequence of language courses or with the instructor’s permission. 

[Note: as of Fall 2013 the Chinese certificate has been superceded by a new Chinese minor. However, for those students currently working toward the Certificate in Chinese, you will be able to finish out your course of study and receive your certificate should you be unable to declare a minor.]

Study abroad

Study abroad builds proficiency in a language quickly, and on a personal level the experience can be profound.  We encourage you to explore the possibilities by speaking with a language faculty member.  In EFL we run summer language programs in Segovia and in Paris.  Many other study-abroad opportunities exist through CSU International Programs

Spanish and other "foreign" languages

The needs of heritage speakers are different from those of second-language learners, focusing more on the conventions of writing and on formal registers in the spoken language.  We offer Spanish classes designed for native or heritage speakers (SPN 154 and 250) and encourage students to enroll in these when appropriate.  Many of our students of Spanish and Chinese are heritage learners.  For non-native students of these languages, our programs offer a superb, immersion-like environment which greatly accelerates the development of fluency.


If you have questions about which French, German or Spanish course you should take, please refer to our placement test guidelines.  Currently we do not offer a placement exam in Chinese. If you have questions, please see an advisor.

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