Every EFL major and English M.A. student is assigned an advisor. Advisors can help with issues such as advising holds, permission numbers, placement in basic writing and foreign language courses, course selection, and so forth.

Additionally, each undergraduate major must attend an annual advising meeting held in Winter quarter designed to answer questions and keep you on track. English M.A. students must attend an orientation held in Fall.  An advising hold will be placed on your Bronco Direct account, and you will be unable to enroll for the coming term if you do not attend the annual meeting.

To find your advisor, please call the department main number. If you plan to see an advisor for a specific issue, please bring paperwork appropriate to that issue to the advising meeting (i.e. a curriculum “pink” sheet with the classes you have taken marked off, a copy of your unofficial transcript, or other useful documents). Many advisors prefer that you notify them in advance if you plan to see them during office hours.  Office hours are posted on the professor's door and on course syllabi.

Before deciding to see your advisor, please do a little research. There are many resources available to you that may help answer your questions: