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ECE Department Graduate Wish List for Academic Year 2013/2014

These courses will be offered as shown below. Please be sure to note that a class may be cancelled if not enough students sign up.

Fall 2013
EGR 511 Numerical Modeling Lin TTH 4:00-5:50PM
EGR 515 Matrix Methods Ferguson MW 4:00-5:50PM
ECE 540 Systems Theory Pernalete TTH 4:00-5:50PM
ECE 544 Communication Theory Ketseoglou MW 4:00-5:50PM
ECE 560 Information Theory and Coding Kang TTH 6:00-7:50PM
ECE 558 Computer Arithmetic  Chandra MW 6:00-7:50PM
ECE 594L FPGA Design Laboratory Monemi T 4:00-5:50PM
ECE 597L Wireless Communication Lab. Ketseoglou T 4:00-5:50PM
Winter 2014
ECE 520 Network Security Lin TTH 6:00-7:50PM
ECE 543 Stochastic Processes  Ketseoglou MW 4:00-5:50PM
ECE 551 Digital Signal Processing Hwang TTH 4:00-5:50PM
ECE 554 Wavelet Theory and Applications  Kang TTH 6:00-7:50PM
ECE 582 Digital System Testing ElNaga MW 6:00-7:50PM
ECE 585 Computer Organization  Chandra MW 6:00-7:50PM
ECE 592L Microcontroller Apps Lab Aliyazicioglu W 4:00-5:50PM
EGR 596 Research Methods Nelson MW 4:00-5:50PM
Spring 2014
ECE 518 Reliability and Performance Analysis Yin TTH 4:00-5:50PM
ECE 525 Embedded Systems Lin TTH 6:00-7:50PM
ECE 541 Advanced Software Engineering Monemi TTH 4:00-5:50PM
ECE 542 Digital Image Processing Aliyazicioglu MW 4:00-5:50PM
ECE 545 Robust Control Oldak MW 4:00-5:50PM
ECE 561 Advanced Microprocessors Rafiquzzaman MW 6:00-7:50PM
ECE 566 OFDM and CDMA Ketseoglou MW 6:00-7:50PM
ECE 593L Digital Signal Processing Lab Kang T 4:00-5:50PM
ECE 651 Advanced Signal Signal Processing Hwang MW 6:00-7:50PM
ECE 685 Advanced Computer Organization  Chandra MW 6:00-7:50PM
Note: Subject to change without notice
Updated:October 2013


Tentative MSEE Course Schedule (2013-2014)