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Requesting a Tutor

ARCHES tutoring is available to ARCHES participants only. Participants must first submit a Tutor Request Form for each class they are seeking tutoring. Tutor Request Forms are available in the ARCHES Office.

Participants are encouraged to submit tutoring requests as early as possible. This increases the chances of a good tutoring schedule, and starts the quarter on a positive note. Requests are processed on a first come first serve basis. While it is ideal to submit a tutor request early, ARCHES will accept requests through the 7th week of the quarter.

Students will be matched with a tutor who has taken the class and received a B- or higher. A schedule will be set up and will be consistent throughout the quarter.

While ARCHES makes every effort to match all student requests, we recognize that we may not be able to match all requests. In the event we are not able to match a student with a tutor we will make appropriate referrals to other on-campus services.