Computer Science Master's Degree Theses

1993 - 2000

The theses below are presented in alphabetical order by the last name of the student. Each entry has the form:

Student Name
Thesis Title
Advisor, Date

Maria Alvarez
An Interactive Design Tool for Distributed Databases
Lee, 1995

Yong Ba
The Design and Implementation of Cleanroom Software Engineering Process Model
Lee, 2000

Sang Bae
Simulation and Analytic Study of Network Topologies
Sang, 1994

Alan Cavarno
3-D Graphic Simulation of Airport Operations
Lee, 1995

Shuo Chen
Implementation of Mapping Network Topologies
Sang, 1994

Weidong Chen
Database Compression
Lelewer, 1995

David Cox
Translating Karel to C for the Microbot Minimover-5 Manipulator
Lelewer, 1993

David Dhuyvetter
Detecting Equivalent Mutants Using Constraints
Lelewer, 1993

Sander Eller
Image Compression Techniques
Srinivas, 1995

Junqi Feng
Neural Network Learning Algorithm Studies
H. K. Liu, 1999

Hall Gregory
Multidimensional Hierarchical Data
Lee, 1998

Kolin Hand
Distributed Computing: An Analysis of PVM and MPI on Workstation Clusters
Yang, 1997

David Hecox
A Single-Cell Fault-Tolerant Memory System
Riley, 1999

Jian Huang
On Checking Relational Database Constraints Using Logic Programming
Rich, 1995

Bo Jin
Clock Synchronization in a Distributed Environment
Yang, 1996

Wai To Hung
Modeling and Design of a Customizable Client Server Framework
Lee, 2000

Ronald Klein
Design of an Ada Based XPRAM Platform
Srinivas, 1993

Paul Krinsky
An Evaluation of Code Generation Methodologies
Riley, 1996

Wendy Kuo
Distributed Object Computing with CORBA
Sang, 1998

Ha Vu Le
Image Processing and Analysis for Melanoma Detection
Lee, 1999

Ying-Chieh Lee
An Object-Oriented Approach to Visual Circuit Analysis
Srinivas, 1993

Scott Lee
Simulation and Performance Analysis of the Tiny RISC Microprocessor
Yang, 1994

Hein-Mei Lin
An Implementation of a Self-Diagnosing Tutor System
Lee, 1993

Qin Liu
Distributed Java Object Computing
Sang, 1999

Marco Lo
Critical Evaluation of Expert System Design Methodologies
Przymusinska, 1995

Charles Lundstrom
Integrating Software Reuse Issues Into a C.S. Curriculum
Lelewer, 1993

Lisbet Miller
A Graphical User Interface for Expert System Development Using CLIPS
Riley, 2000

Brian Patterson
Stabilization of Unstable Physical Systems
Lee, 1998

Jon Penner
Easy-Course: A Courseware Authoring System
H. C. Liu, 1996

Tedjo Poernomo
A Survey of Routing and Addressing of the Internet
Sang, 1995

Daren Reid
Designing Optical Filters Using Genetic Algorithms
Lelewer, 1996

Lisa Rotunni
Effect of Menu Descriptors on User Performance
Soroka, 1993

Richard Simonis
Application of Stereo Graphic Computer Imagery to Vision Therapy
Lee, 1998

John Smevog
Testing of Concurrent Programs
Lee, 1996

Luu Tran
Visual Logic
Fisher, 1996

Anthony Tribelli
Automated Target Scoring Using Computer Vision: Refining the Hough Technique for Overlapping Holes
Lee, 1996

Changchi Tsao
A Heuristic Strategy for Query Processing
Fisher, 1994

Perri Tse
Benchmark Evaluation of the Postgres DBMS
Riley, 1995

Rolf Von Heeringen
Dynamic Framing for Low Bit Rate Speech Compression
Srinivas, 1999

Joseph Wang
Survey of Algorithm Approaches for the Traveling Saleman Problem
Rich, 1993

Jeffrey Wang
The S-DLX Superscalar Processor
Yang, 1998

Cassie Weissert
Increased User Satisfaction Through Improved Error Messages
Lee, 1996

Li-Chun Weng
Simulation and Analysis of Traffic Models
Lee, 1995

Bruce Wilson
Abstracting Functions to Objects for Use in a Distributed Environment
Yang, 1998

Lilin Xie
A Workload Monitor Server
Sang, 1996

Yibing Yang
A Multi-Application Computer Telephony Integration Server
Srinivas, 1997

Jacob Zachariah
Simulation of Network Communication and CD-ROMs
H.C. Liu, 1993

Wei Zhang
Unification of Graphics File Formats
Lee, 1999