Frequently Asked Questions

Why MSCS at Cal Poly Pomona

  • Evening classes with a wide range of topics in computer science
  • Core knowledge of advanced computer architecture, algorithm design and analysis, and software engineering that apply computational theory to the design of software systems
  • Flexible curriculum for students to create their own track by choosing courses that fit their interests
  • Graduate seminar that keeps students apprised of the latest computer science research
  • Learn by doing through the process of thesis work
  • Directed study and thesis to demonstrate ability to identify, formulate and solve problems within discipline

Program Costs

There are two pricing components for students in the graduate program: California resident students and non-resident students. For details, please visit the Web page of the Financial Aid Office.

International student fees are considerably higher than California residents. Please visit the Web page of the International Center.

Student Loans and Other Types of Aid

Student loans and other types of aid are available to domestic students sponsored by both state and federal programs. The most current information can be obtained directly at the Web site of the Office of Financial Aid.


To assist you with your graduate study, there are limited graduate student scholarships available. They are posted on the Web site of the Graduate Studies Office.

The International Center also provides Academic Merit Scholarship Program for F-1 Visa students. Please see their web site for details.

Is the GRE required?

The department does not require the GRE. However, it is recommended that you take it if your major GPA does not meet the 3.0 requirement. For GRE score, please have it sent directly from ETS to Cal Poly Pomona and indicate the department code 0402 (Computer Science) and the institution code 4082.

International Admissions

For questions about admission requirements, how to apply, required documents, the TOEFL test, and Cal Poly Pomona in general, please visit Office of Admissions and Outreach International Applicants web page.

I am interested in your graduate program but do not have the proper background for CS. Would you have any suggestions?

If you have little background in CS, you need to take a list of courses as specified in the "Conditional Admission Requirements". You can do it at a community college or through CPP's extended university. You need to get an average GPA of the above courses with 3.0 or above.

I want to apply to your master program. How should I submit my application?

Please contact the admission office for general questions regarding your application.

Can I use to determine which classes are equivalent to the Cal Poly courses?

Mostly yes.

Can I start in any quarter?

Yes, except for the summer quarter.

What's the quarterly deadline for application?

Please check here. Applications are accepted quarter by quarter except Summer quarter. We strongly encourage you to submit your application during the initial application filing period. Late submission may not be considered on time.

I missed the application deadline. Will you still be able to consider my applciation?

The application deadline is determined by the office of admission. If you miss the deadline, we're not able to consider your application. Please apply for the next cycle.

How do I check my application status?

You will get a message from the admission office when a decision on your application is made. Please do not check with the department as your message may not be replied.

I am an international student. How can I get an I-20 for my visa application?

Please contact the International Admission Office and the International Center and they will instruct you on how to obtain the I-20 form.

How do I know whether I am admitted "conditionally" or "unconditionally"?

If you were admitted conditionally, you would receive an offer letter with the list of courses that are required to take to become a unconditional status.

How many units does a graduate student take in his/her first quarter generally?

8 or 12 units for full time students.

Where do I pay my tuition and fees?

Fees are paid quarterly. Fee bills are posted and visible through BroncoDirect after students register each quarter. You can login into BroncoDirect any time and see you owe any fees. The Registra's Office has calendar showing due dates, which is posted at here.

I am a new student. How do I find out my registration period?

Students can register based on their dates of admission. Please check this link for the specific dates.

I am a new student. BroncoDirect does not allow me to register for many courses. What do I do?

BroncoDirect probably cannot recognize the courses you've taken at other colleges. You will need to contact the graduate coordinator with your name, bronco ID and the list of courses you plan to take. Permission numbers will be generated to help you register.