1.0 Unit LRC Courses (LRC 090, 091, 092, and 093)
Reading course for students enrolled in the College Reading Skills Program (CRSP). Students MUST meet program eligibility requirements and enroll in the program before registering for the course. Diagnosis of reading skills; supplemental academic advising; individual reading tutorial plan; workshops. Independent study/supervised activities. This is a non-baccalaureate-level course and does not count toward degree requirements or GPA calculation. Students must come to the program office during the first week of classes to arrange meeting time.

Registration information for these courses can be found in the Schedule of Classes or on-line on Bronco Direct . Students will need to see a CRSP staff member for a permission number to register.

A TRIO Student Support Services Project
Syllabus for LRC 090, 091, 092 and 093

Laura Ayon, Director
Phone: (909) 869-6897
Office: Library, Room 2919B (in the LRC)

COURSE DESCRIPTION: College Reading Skills Program (CRSP) is a one-unit non-baccalaureate course. The unit you earn for this course will count toward maintaining your status as a full-time student; however, it will not count toward your degree, nor will the grade affect your GPA. This class is structured as a tutorial program designed to help you improve your reading skills. During your first tutorial session, you will take a reading assessment test so that the program advisors and I can evaluate your reading strengths and weaknesses and develop an appropriate plan of study. With one of the program’s tutors, you will use computer software and traditional books and materials to improve your vocabulary, reading comprehension, and reading rate.

DETERMINING YOUR GRADE: You will decide what letter grade you hope to earn. The following criteria will determine your grade for the quarter:


Tutorial Session
Other Required Activities
On-campus workshop, Mentor Meeting, Peer Mentoring Session & Post Test
On-campus workshop, Mentor Meeting, Peer Mentoring Session & Post Test
On-campus workshop, Mentor Meeting, Peer Mentoring Session, Post Test, & Book Club Project

On-campus Workshop
To Be Arranged w/ Your Program Advisor
Mentor Meeting See Advisor for date 12:00-1:00 PM Refer to quarterly syllabus or ask a staff member
It is your responsibility to remember to attend each of the above activities.

As long as you complete all of the required assignments, you will receive the grade you plan to earn. Failure to meet all of the above requirements will result in a lowered grade. You will lose 1/3 grade for each activity not completed.

Tutorial Sessions: You will be assigned two tutorial sessions per week for the duration of the quarter. During your tutorial sessions, you will work with a tutor who will assist you in understanding the reading materials and who will explain how the materials can improve your reading skills. You will use both traditional books and computer software to enhance your college-level skills in reading comprehension, vocabulary, and reading rate. The advisors will evaluate your progress after each of your weekly tutorial sessions. Your program will be evaluated and modified after each session to reflect changes in your reading and vocabulary.

The number of tutorial sessions that you attend in the reading lab is a large factor in the grade that you will earn. The more sessions you attend, the higher your grade. The minimum sessions required for each grade are listed above.

Your Effort: In this course you will be working on an individualized tutorial plan. The only true way that you will benefit from the instruction that you will receive is by making a genuine effort to improve your skills. Full credit for tutorial sessions will be given to students who spend their entire session working productively.

On-campus Workshop: You are required to attend an on-campus cultural event or workshop during the quarter. The event or workshop you choose must be approved by a program advisor and should offer you the opportunity for professional, academic, and/or personal growth. To receive credit for attending a workshop, you need to inform your advisor once you have attended an approved on-campus event/workshop.

Mentor Meetings: You will meet with a tutor/mentor at our Mentor Meeting. We will post flyers reminding you to join us for our group event. Once flyers are posted, you can sign up for this event with your tutor. You are required to participate in the Mentor Meeting. Lunch will be served.

Peer Mentoring: Meet with a CRSP Peer Mentor to develop campus awareness and skills critical to being a successful student.

Post Test: You will be post-tested the last week of tutoring. The results of the test will not affect your grade but failure to take the test will lower your final grade.

Book Project: If you are working for an A, you will complete a book project in addition to attending the required tutorial sessions. The book project entails the following work:

1) read one of the program’s novels or join the Book Club,
2) write four journal entries about the novel.

If you wish to earn an A grade, you need to let a program advisor know by the 3rd week of the quarter. Novels must be returned at the end of the quarter or a hold will be placed on your registration.

OFFICE PROCEDURES: As a participant in the program, you will be expected to abide by the following policies:

1. Tutorial sessions—Arrive on time for your sessions. A session is 50 minutes long so you will have enough time to get to your next class. If you arrive more than 10 minutes late for your session, it will be considered an absence that needs to be rescheduled. If you are a “No Show” for a two sessions in one quarter, you will be removed from the schedule.


Make-up Hours—You may schedule make-ups for missed sessions as our scheduling availability allows. Schedule make-up sessions as soon as possible after missing a session.

3. Finals Week—There will be no tutoring during final exam week.

4. Scheduling—We will do our best to arrange a schedule that works for you. If something changes and your scheduled hours become problematic, see a staff member immediately to prevent excessive no-shows and cancellations.

5. Cancellations—Out of courtesy to the office staff and the program tutors, we ask that you notify us prior to your appointment if you are unable to attend any of your sessions. If you do not notify us ahead of time, the missed session will count as a "no show," and may result in removal from the schedule.

6. Texting/Phone calls—Texting or taking phone calls is not permitted during sessions.

All of us who work at the College Reading Skills Program are looking forward to working with you. It is our hope that all students enrolled in CRSP will experience a successful quarter. If you have questions at any time feel free to contact me or an advisor.

Laura Ayon, Director, x6897, lemunoz
Rachel Dominguez, AA, x4349 rpdominguez
Cindy Greco, Program Advisor, x4347 csgreco
Robert Matranga, Program Advisor, x4802 rmatranga

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