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In most public schools, reading instruction often ends in the 5th or 6th grade. The reading skills that were adequate for high school classes will not suffice for the amount of reading required at the college level. A chapter in an average college textbook is often at least 50 pages in length! Many college instructors assign two or more chapters of reading per week.

Don't wait until your reading assignments overwhelm you!
Contact a College Reading Skills staff member to apply for tutoring services!

Program Hours

M-F: 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

RAMP (our new name) is back! Come visit us in the LRC.

FAX: 909-869-3120

Learning Resource Center
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The goal of the College Reading Skills Program (CRSP) is to provide academic and personal support of eligible Cal Poly Pomona students so they may persist at the University and graduate in a timely manner. CRSP services offer students opportunities in improving reading and study skills, developing professional skills, and enhancing personal growth. The program's main service is providing free reading tutorials once or twice per week for 50-minute sessions. Students can also participate in any of the following activities:

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Mentors work with students on topics such as time and stress management, financial planning, and campus resources.

Participate in engaging discussions about good books with students, staff, and faculty. A new book is chosen each quarter by the members of the club.

The College Reading Skills Program awards grant aid in the form of a scholarship to a limited number of eligible participants. Contact a staff member for more information.

Student can earn one non-baccalaureate unit by registering for LRC 090, 091, 092, or 093. You must be accepted into the program before registering, and will need to see a CRSP staff member to receive a permission number.