FEDCO Classroom Enrichment Fund: On-Line Application

Make sure you review the guidelines before filling out the application. We cannot process incomplete applications. The application contains 4 parts:
   1) information about the teacher(s), classroom(s), and school
   2) project summary
   3) administrator information
   4) long form questions and budget
You can copy and paste text from your word processor file into these fields.

Please proofread your entries afterwards to ensure that it was imported correctly.
Please complete the entire application, and be sure to click "submit" when done.
When your application is submitted, you will be taken to an acknowledgement page.

Teacher First Name Teacher Last Name
School Name
School Address: Street
School Address:
City State Zip Code
School District
California County School Tax ID Number
School Phone School Fax
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Teacher e-mail Teacher Home Phone
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School Information
Type of school:
Number of students in school:
Number of students participating in project:
Grade level of participants:
Track taught (if year-round)
Total Grant amount requested ($500 per teacher max) How many teachers are applying?
Please list additional teacher(s) if applying together and their positions:
  First Name Last Name Position
Project Summary
Please provide a short summary of your proposed project.
Please limit your response to 500 words.
Please provide a short summary of the California curriculum standards (e.g., science: 5th: 1a [...]) .
Please limit your response to 300 words.
Administrator Information

My school administrator has read and understands this proposal for a grant from the FEDCO Classroom Enrichment Fund. The proposed grant complies with school goals and regulations, and my school administrator will fully support this project should it receive funding. My administrator understands that Principals will be asked to sign the final grant agreement.

Check here to confirm administrator approval.
Administrator information:
First Name Last Name
E-mail address:
Long form Questions and Budget
Be sure to complete all five sections. Your application may be rejected if you do not comply with the word limits for each section. When finished, you must click on the "submit" button to complete the application.
1. Project description - Responding to the questions below, clearly describe your classroom project.

a) Why are you choosing to do this project? What specific student needs will the project address?
b) Who and how many students will participate?
(Please include grade level and other demographic information)
c) When and where will your project take place? Please include a timeline.
d) What activities or materials will the project include?

Please limit your response to 500 words.

2. Learning Objectives

Identify the classroom learning objectives that this project will address. Explain how this project will connect to or support these objectives and improve the education of your students.

Please limit your response to 300 words.

3. Assessment/Evaluation

Describe how you will determine how your students’ knowledge/abilities addressed by the project will increase. Please include a sample rubric and/or pre- and post- assessments.

Please limit your response to 300 words.

4. Additional Information

Please include any other relevant information about your project that you would like to share. For example, is this a new project or the continuation of an existing project? If you are collaborating with a team of teachers, what is the nature of the collaboration? Will you share your project with other teachers and classrooms?

Please limit your response to 200 words.

5. Budget

What materials will the project require and at what cost? Please show item by item how the requested amount will be spent. If the project cost exceeds the request, please tell us how you will fund the remaining portion.

Please limit your response to 500 words.

After completing the budget section, please be sure to click the "submit" button. When your application is submitted, you will be taken to an acknowledgement page.

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