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College of Education & Integrative Studies

Program Options

        As part of semester conversion, the department is restructuring options to simplify the Liberal Studies Program to two options instead of five. Students from previous years will be grandfathered (graduated on their original curriculum sheet) and should see the Liberal Studies Advisor to plan their completion before the campus goes to semesters.

        The two options will be either General Studies, for those interested in a broad liberal arts education, or Pre-teaching, for those interested in becoming elementary education teachers. Regardless of option, all Liberal Studies majors will take 8 LS-prefix courses listed in the core courses where they will develop the knowledge and abilities associated with the core values. Both tracks will have the same learning outcomes as indicated on the Liberal Studies Curriculum Map.

map listing academic disciplines accompanied with a compass and the words

General Studies - This degree program is the only one on campus that allows students partially to design their degree work based on their multiple interests, which many of our students prefer.

       We are re-designing concentrations in this option as part of semester conversion. There are three currently. For those interested in sustainability, and community or human services, students can choose from a pre-selection of courses across departments to fit their interests in these areas.

        For those interested in partially designing their own degree, the third concentration (tentatively called self-directed) is the best option. Students should confer with the Liberal Studies advisor regardless of concentration to ensure timely and successful degree completion. Click here to download a 2014-2015 General Studies curriculum sheet and roadmap.

Pre-Teaching - Students who desire to become an elementary education professionals can complete this degree to study and gain the subject matter knowledge for the California State Exam for Teachers (CSET), which is required to apply to a teacher credential program in the State of California. The test preparation approach in these options limits elective course selection compared to the General Studies option.

high school students hand writing in a notebook in LS 460S service-learning program

        Majors in this option should not confuse this Liberal Studies degree program with teaching methodology courses, which is the focus of the post-baccalaureate (after earning a Bachelors degree) credential program.

        Although some courses in the pre-teaching option may have a teaching focus, the degree itself is designed for gaining subject matter competency in multiple disciplines (subjects), not learning teaching techniques

        Currently, there are the four options:

  • Pre-credential - Graduate with a Liberal Studies degree then attend a credential program. R
  • Bilingual Pre-credential - Graduate with a Liberal Studies degree then attend a credential program with a bilingual emphasis. R
  • BA Credential - Graduate with a Liberal Studies degree and a teaching credential R
  • Bilingual BA Credential - Graduate with a Liberal Studies degree and a teaching credential with a bilingual emphasis. R

Click on each name to view and download a 2014-15 curriculum sheet for each option. Click the R at the end of the descirption to view and download roadmaps.

To learn more about the differences between these, call or make an appointment with the Liberal Studies Advisor. In the new version of the program, there will be only a few minor course differences for those desiring a bilingual credential.