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College of Education & Integrative Studies

Program Information

What is the Liberal Studies Program?

The Liberal Studies or liberal arts degree is not only one of the oldest university degrees but continues to be an extremely relevant one for 21st century living. On the job and in communities, leaders need to understand knowledge and ideas across the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences to solve local and global issues, new and recurring. A Liberal Studies degree done well provides graduates with desired skills in work and life.
liberal studies at cal poly pomona: Liberal and integrative learning, creative thinking, applied knowledge, civic engagement and soical justice, community and social diversity

Here are Liberal Studies Department's five core values:

  • Liberal and Integrative Thinking – developing a free-thinking, open-minded perspective for personal growth that integrates or
    combines knowledge from various sources to form sound decisions and positionsoutcome tree
  • Creative Thinking – using an interdisciplinary or multiple perspective approach to understanding and solving issues
  • Applied Knowledge – applying knowledge through activities and experiences in the real world or simulated situations
  • Civic Engagement & Social Justice – developing a critical understanding of community and social issues to affect civic decisions and actions that are fair and ethical
  • Community and Social Diversity –Developing a deep knowing of the human condition for forging community in a socially diverse society