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The Civil Engineering Department is the leader in polytechnic education, where hands-on learning is the foundation of a broad-based educational experience. The Civil Engineering undergraduate program, the largest undergraduate program in the nation in terms of student numbers, currently has 1600 students after the Construction Engineering Technology (CET) program joined to the Department in Fall 2014. About 95 percent of them are from Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino, and Riverside Counties due to the fact that the campus is located at the juncture of these four counties. The Department produces up to 15 percent of young civil engineers in California.

The success of our graduate program results, to a great extent, from the solid curriculum that incorporates theory and practice in the learning-centered environment. Students are provided with opportunities to apply their knowledge in hands-on projects, collaborate with faculty members on research, and participate in valuable internships and service-learning programs. Starting Fall 2014, the Environmental and Water Resources (EWR) emphase will be a part of the Master of Science of Civil Engineering (MSCE) program.


Provide the best civil engineering learning experience.


To meet the challenges of an evolving society, we provide practice‐oriented civil
engineering education that fosters personal, professional and social responsibility;
technical excellence and creativity; and effective communication, teamwork and