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BSCE Curriculum

Curriculum Sheets and Flow Charts

Flow Charts and Curriculum Sheets list the courses required to graduate.

General Option
Environmental Option
Geospatial Option

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Which curriculum sheet and flow chart should I use? Normally, you should use the one that was in effect during your first quarter as a civil engineering student at Cal Poly Pomona. If you change options, the curriculum year does not change (i.e., if you are on the 2007-08 general option curriclum sheet and change to the environmental option, then you will be on the 2007-08 environmental option curriculum sheet). However, the curriculum year does change when you change majors (i.e. if you started at Cal Poly Pomona in Fall 2008 and changed majors to civil engineeing in Fall 2009, then you would be on the 2009-10 curriculum sheet.
  2. May I change to a different curriculum sheet? Upon request, any student can change to any of the following curriculum sheets: 1) The one that was in effect at the the time the student began continuous attendance at any CSU campus or California Community College; or 2) The one that was in effect during the student's first quarter at Cal Poly Pomona; or 3) The one in effect at the time of graduation. See the Request for Curriculum Year Change form for more details, and submit this form to change your curriculum year. Some civil engineering students on 2004-05 or earlier curriculum sheets may find it to their advantage to change to the curriculum sheet in effect at the time of their graduation, because the 2005-06 and later curriclum sheets require 4 fewer units to graduate. However, it is best to first discuss this matter with your academic advisor.
  3. What is the difference between a prerequisite and a corequisite? A prerequiste is a course that must be completed before taking the next course. A corequisite is a course that must be taken concurrent with a certain course. For example, lecture and lab courses are typically corequisites.
  4. Are all prerequisites and corequisites shown on the flow charts? No. Please check the course descriptions in the univesity catalog for a complete list of prerequisites and corequisites. In some cases, a minimum grade is required in a prerequisite.
  5. Can I take two corses concurrently, one of which is a prerequisite for the other? No.
  6. Can I substitute work experience or co-op for a certain course? No.

In order to complete the required coursework most efficiently, students should become familiar with the varoius prerequisites, as decribed in the course descriptions, and use the planned course offerings page to plan their class schedules: