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BSCE Program

Cal Poly Pomona's Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering (BSCE) program began in 1961, and has produced over 5000 graduates. The program included a strong background in engineering principles, with and emphasis on the application of these principles to practical civil engineering problems.




Provide the best civil engineering learning experience.


To meet the challenges of an evolving society, we provide practice-oriented civil engineering education that fosters personal, professional and social responsibility; technical excellence and creativity; and effective communication, teamwork and leadership

Educational Objectives and Outcomes

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The undergraduate civil engineering program at Cal Poly Pomona has three options each leading to the same degree:Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering. Click on any option for more information

General Civil Engineering Option
The general civil engineering option includes coursework in a wide range of civil engineering fields, and is thus the best choice for students who desire a broad civil engineering education. This option also includes three technical elective courses, which provide the opportunity to gain more in-depth knowledge of certain aspects of civil engineering. Students may take a range of technical elective courses, or they may focus all three technical electives in a certain aspect of civil engineering, such as structural, transportation, or geotechnical engineering.
Environmental Engineering Option
The environmental engineering option also includes a wide range of civil engineering courses, but has more emphasis on water resources and environmental engineering. This option is especially well suited for students who wish to specialize in these areas. It differs from a BS degree in environmental engineering in that it is still a civil engineering degree, and thus prepares students to ultimately become licensed civil engineers.
Geospatial Engineering Option
The geospatial engineering option includes a range of civil engineering coursework, with an emphasis in surveying, remote sensing, photogrammetry, geographical information systems (GIS) and global positioning systems (GPS). This option prepares students to ultimately become licensed civil engineers and licensed land surveyors, and thus is especially attractive for those who intend to become land development engineers..
  • The coursework requirements for all three options are available here.
  • The individual course descriptions are available here.

Applying for Admission

Applicants to the program should select the appropriate option when submitting their application through CSU Mentor. Current students may declare or change their option by submitting a general academic petition.

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Reasons to Choose Cal Poly Pomona

  1. High rankings
  2. Practical "learn-by doing" philosophy of education
  3. Small class sizes
  4. All classes taught by professors
  5. Fully accredited
  6. Largest undergraduate civil engineering program in the country
  7. Extracurricular activities
  8. Beautiful campus
  9. Modern facilities
  10. Suburban location provides many internship opportunities
  11. Graduates are in demand