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Engaged Faculty

2013-2014 Faculty Fellows

The Center for Community Engagement is proud to announce those selected to serve as the 2013-2014 Faculty Fellows. They will be completing a series of workshops to create a new or enhance an existing service-learning course that will be offered by Spring Quarter 2014.

  • Sandy Dixon, Ethnic and Women’s Studies
  • Melissa Flicker, Art
  • Gerald Herder, Engineering Technology
  • Anjana Narayan, Psychology & Sociology
  • Muditha Senanayake, Apparel Merchandising & Management

2013-2014 Mini-Grant Award Recipients

Congratulations to the following faculty members who received funding for their service-learning projects or research for 2013-2014. The Center for Community Engagement funded nine projects and awarded a total of $7,300 to support and promote service-learning endeavors.

  • Jennifer Amaya, Music
  • Estela Ballon, Liberal Studies
  • Gilbert Cadena, Ethnic and Women's Studies
  • Christina Chavez-Reyes, Liberal Studies
  • Joyce Emilio, International Business and Marketing
  • William Foley, Accounting
  • Mariappan Jawaharlal, Mechanical Engineering
  • Monica Palomo, Civil Engineering
  • Bernardo and Paula Weston Solano, Theatre

2013-2014 Service-Learning Faculty Listing

  • Cynthia Aguirre, Kinesiology & Health Promotion
  • Jennifer Amaya, Music
  • Estela Ballon, Liberal Studies
  • Michael Brown, Biological Sciences
  • Gilbert Cadena, Ethnic & Women's Studies
  • Christina Chávez-Reyes, Liberal Studies
  • Gwen D'Arcangelis, Interdisciplinary General Education
  • Sandy Dixon, Ethnic and Women's Studies
  • Joyce Emilio, International Business & Marketing
  • Ramzi Farhat, Urban & Regional Planning
  • Melissa Flicker, Art
  • William Foley, Accounting
  • Hend Gilli-Elewy, Interdisciplinary General Education
  • Aleida Gordon, Human Nutrition & Food Science
  • Gerald Herder, Engineering Technology
  • Barbara Harmer-Garcia, Kinesiology & Health Promotion
  • Nell Horowitz, Communication
  • Lisa Kessler, Human Nutrition & Food Science
  • Mariappan Jawaharlal, Mechanical Engineering
  • Peg Lamphier, Interdisciplinary General Education
  • Dohyung Kim, Urban & Regional Planning
  • Laurie Miller, Kinesiology & Health Promotion
  • Kimble Morton, Kinesiology & Health Promotion
  • Anjana Narayan, Psychology & Sociology
  • Christina Owens, Kinesiology & Health Promotion
  • Monica Palomo, Civil Engineering
  • Lori Pullman, Urban & Regional Planning
  • Ruth Purpero, Teacher Education
  • Dennis Quinn, Interdisciplinary General Education
  • Michele Rash, Animal & Veterinary Sciences
  • Muditha Senanayake, Apparel Merchandising & Management
  • Rennie Tang, Landscape Architecture
  • Lynn Turner, Management & Human Resources
  • Olukemi Sawyerr, Management & Human Resources
  • Gwen Urey, Urban & Regional Planning
  • Perky Vetter, Kinesiology & Health Promotion
  • Eileen Wallis, History
  • Anne Wohlke, History
  • Richard Zimmer, Urban & Regional Planning

Faculty Reflections

"My college students get the chance to learn how much they actually know. This is finally a point in their education when they realize they have learned something, and they can now share that knowledge with others.  It's the realization that what they've learned has a purpose." - Music Professor Jenny Amaya