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Delta Epsilon Iota

Delta Epsilon Iota

Attention Students, the new Delta Epsilon Iota Academic Honor Society

Benefits from joining:

  • Meet Professionals from Industry
  • Build Leadership skills
  • Participate in Community Service
  • Network and Career Develop
  • Gain leadership Roles
  • Opportunities for Scholarship & Rewards
  • Graduate with Academic Honors
  • More info:


Be a part of Our Team


President of DEI

Sabrina Worsfold

Sabrina is a Peer Advisor for Cal Poly Pomona’s Career Center.  In addition, Sabrina is this year’s President for the DEI chapter.  She is majoring in Finance, Real Estate &Law and will graduate in spring 2015.  She is involved with various campus organizations.  As President Sabrina is excited to bring DEI to the campus and begin this new organization on board while working hand in hand with the Career Center.



Vice President of DEI

Jonathan Michael Ortega

Jonathan Ortega is a Peer Advisor for Cal Poly Pomona’s Career Center.  He assists students with career planning, resume/cover letter building, graduate school basics, job search strategies and interviewing techniques. Jonathan has worked a range of jobs from distribution, food technology, city recreation, retail sales associate, cashier/server (customer service), and his most desirable field, Higher Education. Jonathan is highly motivated in building professional connections and has extensive knowledge in leadership and team-orientated development. He appreciates challenges, diversity, and creativity. He is a well-rounded individual who can relate to students, while providing outstanding and informative advising. His current role directly helps students develop their strengths which foster career success. In addition, Jonathan was recently awarded two scholarships for community service and academic success.  He plans to engage DEI members in aspects to grow and develop the honor society on campus.   Jonathan feels enthusiastic about opportunities such as information sessions, marketing DEI’s values, building relations with employers, and recruiting new scholars.  

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Treasurer of DEI

Alexandra Rosetti

Alexandra Rosetti is a senior at Cal Poly Pomona majoring in Hospitality Management with an emphasis in event planning. She currently works as a Student Ambassador in the Career Center and will be taking on the role of Treasurer this year for Delta Epsilon Iota. As treasurer for Delta Epsilon Iota, she hopes to install a budget for the club as well as create new fundraising ideas to further benefit the club. During her free time Alexandra enjoys being outdoors and spending time with family and friends.

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Webmaster of DEI

Monica Bocanegra

Monicais majoring in Psychology at Cal Poly Pomona. Her future goal is to attend Graduate School and become a school counselor. Monica will be the webmaster of D.E.I, and she will do her best to connect with campus community through social media sites.  She hopes that D.E.I is an effective chapter communicating well and agrees to accept ideas from all members of the group. She will ensure that students are informed about D.E.I updates and events.  Monica enjoys wilderness hikes outside of school responsibilities.



Secretary of DEI

Isela Alcocer

Isela Alcocer is a graduating senior majoring in Communications with an emphasis on Organizational Communication. Her major career goal is to have the opportunity to spend her work life traveling across the US to recruit and market for a large growing company. As a club officer for  Delta Epsilon Iota Academic Honor Society, she will make sure to record minutes of meetings, assist the president in communicating assigned responsibilities to other chapter leaders and committee chairs, and maintain a file of all meeting minutes and agenda items to pass down to the next. At her leisure, she enjoys spending a fun time at the beach.

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Lauren Corona

Lauren is the Events Coordinator at the Career Center. As the Events Coordinator she develops, promotes and executes six major recruiting events per year, connecting students and alumni to industry and careers. For the past 12 years she has been dedicated to pursuing careers in customer service and prides herself as being a committed and diligent team player. Lauren began her tenure at Cal Poly Pomona in 2002, before joining the Career Center in 2010 she worked in Academic Affairs, coordinating successful departmental events and enhancing student development

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Cherrie Peters

Cherrie is a Career Counselor and has over 14 years’ experience in the Career Center environment which includes Administrative, Employer, and Student Services.  Prior to her roles at Cal Poly Pomona she worked at Cal State Fullerton in various capacities within the Career Center including Customer Service, Student Services and Events & Promotions. Her extensive knowledge of the many facets of Career Centers in higher education is a valuable asset to Cal Poly Pomona.  Cherrie provides daily assistance to employers, students, and staff by way of online tools, in person communication.   She has also been awarded Outstanding Staff at Cal Poly Pomona for 2013. Cherrie oversees the Peer Advisor program for the Career Center which provides students with Drop in Advising.  She holds a Bachelor's Degree in American Studies and Master’s Degree in Psychology.

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