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Bronco Fusion 2013

2013 Workshops

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  • Study Abroad! It's Easier than you Think!
    Real People, Real World, Real Education. Add sizzle to your life with international education and service learning!

  • Making connections with your faculty and advisors
    Successfully connect with your faculty and advisors and learn why advising is so important. Discover the "do's" and "don'ts" about communicating and interacting with your faculty to maximize your educational experience so you can graduate on time, explore career options, and obtain good letters of recommendation, and much more.

  • It's About Time
    Even the strongest students can be challenged by the fast pace of the quarter system combined with the increased workload and high expectations associated with college-level courses.  This session will teach you strategies to manage your time and create balance in your life to ensure that you are a successful and happy student!

  • Planes, Trains, and Automobiles: Getting Here from There
    Get tips about alternative transportation such as busses, Metrolink as well as driving routes, parking, carpool, security/escort service, Bronco Express, and more. Whether you live off or on campus, this workshop can help you become more mobile.

  • Getting A Jump on Your Career!
    Find out about great career-related resources and tips to help you on every step of the way in college from the day you begin to the day you graduate! Identify resources to help you strengthen your career direction and find part-time jobs, internships, and full time positions. We look forward to seeing you at this valuable seminar!

  • Demystifying the GWT (Graduation Writing Test) and the Resources to Help You Pass
    The APSISC and Test Center Staff will help you identify the resources that will prepare you for test day.  This workshop will introduce resources and tell you about key items graders/readers look for in passing the essay-based test.  Presenters will answer your questions, present examples of good essays, and provide tips to build upon your essay ideas.  This workshop is especially beneficial for Transfer Students who will be required to take the GWT in the winter quarter. 

  • How NOT to FAIL
    Even the brightest students can FAIL during their college experience. Don't let this happen to you. During this workshop you will be given tips and resources on how to be academically successful at Cal Poly Pomona. We will explore resources to help you be successful and ways to avoid common pitfalls. Topics will also include academic dishonesty, such as cheating and plagiarism, and what you should know about university standards.

  • Tame Your Stress
    This workshop provides you the tools you need to combat the #1 impediment to academic success among college students…STRESS. We will explore the following wellness concepts; sleep, eating well, exercise, and getting connected to help you “Tame Your Stress.”

  • Studying Smart: Tips From LRC Tutors
    Learning Resource Center tutors and staff will present study tips to succeed in college and in-depth information about the services available at the LRC's four tutoring programs--ASI Tutoring, College Reading Skills Program, Math and Science Help, and University Writing Center.

  • Staying on Track Towards Graduation
    Only 54% of students nationally graduate in six years. Learn some tips about what you can do to increase the likelihood that you will graduate.

  • Blame it on the Alcohol
    Be proactive and learn the protective behaviors that you can engage in to maximize the party...and your college experience.  This workshop will look at potential risks and equip you with essential skills to be responsible!

  • Don't be left out! Stay in the Know!
    Learn how to stay up-to-date with with all of the latest and greatest on campus! We'll show you all the resources campus offers to help you get connected and stay connected, including e-Communications, Email, BroncoDirect, computer labs, printing, BlackBoard, etc.

  • Hooking Up: Not Your Average Spin the Bottle
    Maximize your college experience. Learn how getting involved, getting connected to a community, and finding your place, will increase your chances of graduating. Participants will learn skills on how to get involved, get connected to a community and find a support system.

  • Scholarships and Other Resources
    Did you know that every year thousands of dollars go unclaimed in scholarship money??... Learn about Cal Poly Pomona’s resources on scholarships: how to apply, how to prepare, how to make the most out of this hidden treasure.

  • Veteran's Meet & Greet!
    Welcome Veterans! This is a great opportunity to network and meet other veterans, faculty, and staff. You will also learn about resources available to veteran students and how these can help enhance your college experience.

  • GET OUT, GET DIRTY, GIVE BACK | Center for Community Engagement
  • Are you ready to make a difference?  Do you want to get involved in your community?  If so, then this is the workshop for YOU!  Come and hear about the different opportunities that await you--from volunteering with local nonprofits to enrolling in academic courses centered around service.  Don't miss the chance to hear how you can "be the change!"