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Registration in Chrome

Bronco Fusion 2013


BroncoFusion 2013 Registration - Google Chrome User



If you are using Google Chrome, there is a browser compatibility problem with the registration website that will initially stop the display of the BroncoFusion registration page.  This issue does not occur in other browsers.  We recommend that you use Internet Explorer or follow the steps below to show the page.

By following these steps, the page will load but will continue to indicate the page is insecure. This is not the case as the registration form transmits information in a secure fashion to protect your personal information.

Click on the shield in right of the address bar:

Picture of shield in the right of the address bar.

In the drop down bubble, click “Load anyway”

: Drop Down bubble message - This page has insecure content.

While the menu bar indicates that the page is not using the “https” protocol, the form area is secure.

https with red line across the text.


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