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Cal Poly Pomona

Tropical rainforests are the oldest, richest, and most complex ecosystems on Earth, and are home to half the world’s plant and animal species. Experience the rainforest, and discover its diversity and importance. Smell the aromatic leaves. Feel the humidity-softened air. Discover which woods, spices, nuts, fruits, and other products come from rainforests. Learn how rainforests differ from other ecosystems, what special adaptations enable plants to survive nutrient-poor soils, and how flowers are pollinated and seeds dispersed. Compare the tropical rainforest species from Africa, Asia, Australasia, and the Americas. Explore which environmental influences might have caused similar plant adaptations in species from different continents.

Find out which organisms live in rainforest soil. See and hold Madagascar hissing cockroaches and tropical stick insects. Learn how the many layers of tree canopies provide a multitude of different homes for animals, and how some spend nearly all their lives in the canopy. Discover that rainforest inhabitants rely on one another for food and shelter.

Visit our Caiman (a South American relative of crocodiles and alligators) and watch it swim or bask on the bank of its grotto. Meet the tropical turtles as they swim in the adjacent lagoon.

Learn about the importance of the tropical rainforest to us all: it supplies the world with oxygen, retains carbon, and influences worldwide climate patterns. Understand what you can do personally to help conserve our forests for future generations.