RTP Documents

Department RTP Documents

All documents are available in both Word and pdf format. Files are all less than 350 KB.

2013-2014 - 2018-2019 Document (Revision 33): Word format; pdf format

2010-2011 - 2014-2015 Document (Revision 32): Word format; pdf format

2007-2008 - 2011-2012 Document (Revision 31): Word format; pdf format

2006-2007 Document (Revision 30 ): Word format; pdf format

2004-2005 - 2005-2006 Document (Revision 29): Word format; pdf format

2003-2004 Document (Revision 28): Word format; pdf format

1998-1999 - 2002-2003 Document (Revision 26): Word format; pdf format

Peer Evaluation Form

Form to be completed by peer evaluators: Word format; pdf format

Other Important Documents: Faculty Affairs, Collective Bargaining Agreement

Several important documents are available at the Faculty Affairs RTP and Faculty Evaluation web site. These include:

  • Appendix 16 of the University Manual (Reappointment, Tenure, and Promotion Policy and Procedures)
  • Appendix 27 of the University Manual (Faculty Performance Review form - this is the "RTP" form that must be completed)
  • Appendix 10 of the University Manual (Student Evaluation of Teaching)
  • Section 305 of the University Manual (Performance Evaluations)
  • Calendars - showing due dates for all RTP activities

The Collective Bargaining Agreement (be sure to see Articles 13, 14, and 15) is available from:

Binder Insert

A Word template for creating a title for RTP binders used ~2003. May not be usable with current binding methods. Included in case it is helpful.