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New tenure-track position: Virologist

New tenure-track position: Quantitative Vertebrate Ecologist

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Learning Expo

Biology Students Represent CPP at Pomona Learning Expo

A group of biology students gave children and adults at the 7th Annual Nancy McCracken Learning Expo the opportunity to use professional microscopes to see microorganisms.

The students, who were part of Professor John Chan’s Biology 441 internship course, set up a booth with three microscopes to examine blood, bacteria and fungi. A few thousand people attended the free event, with about 100 stopping by the students’ booth.

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Mesozoic Garden

New Garden Takes Campus Back to the Mesozoic Age

Take a walk up University Drive, go past Building 3, but stop before you get to the agriculture building. Turn to your left, step off the sidewalk and travel back in time. Way back.

You find yourself surrounded by ferns and dozens of spiny, palm-like plants. In the open, the sun is blazing hot, but the shade of trees provides a spot of cool tranquility.

OK, so you won’t actually be traveling back in time, but it might feel like it when you visit Cal Poly Pomona’s new Mesozoic Garden.

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Scientific journals

Hot off the Press

Faculty in the Deparment of Biological Sciences are active in original research and involve their graduate and undergraduate students in their research projects.

This section contains the latests publications by the department's faculty and research students along with descriptions of their relevance. Read more

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