List A (Cellular and Molecular) - you are required to take at least one course from this list.

BIO 403/403L Human Genetics (4)
BIO 405 Regulatory Affairs & Safety Assessment (4)
BIO 410 Biophysics (4)
BIO 421 Advanced Genetics (3)
BIO 423/423L Cellular Ultrastructure (4)
BIO 428/428L Cellular Physiology (5)
BIO 431/431L Radiation Biology (4)
BIO 450 Concepts of Molecular Biology (4)
BIO 451/451L Molecular Biology Techniques (5)
BIO 455/455L Molecular Biology of Recombinant DNA (4)
BIO 459/459L Bioinformatics (5)
BIO 465/L Stem Cell Biology (5)
BIO 535 Advanced Cell Biology (4)
BIO 545/545L Physiology of Plant Disease (4)
BIO 555 Molecular Biology of Development (4)
BIO 560/560L Advanced Bacterial Physiology and Genetics (4)
BIO 565/565L Animal Tissue Culture (4)
BIO 570/570L Cellular Immunity and Disease (4)
BIO 577/577L Transmission Electron Microscope Techniques (5)
BIO 578/578L Scanning Electron Microscope Techniques (5)
BIO 579 Recent Advances in Ultrastructure Research (3)
BIO 581/581/L Transport Across Cell Membranes (5)
BOT 403/403L Plant Genetics (4)
BOT 456/456L Plant Tissue Culture (4)
MIC 410/410L Medical Bacteriology (5)
MIC 415/415L Immunology-Serology (5)
MIC 428/428L Microbial Physiology (5)
MIC 430/430L General Virology (5)

List B (Physiology/Organismal) - you are required to take at least one course from this list.

BIO 407/407L Biology of Ants (5)
BIO 424 Neuroscience (4)
BIO 426/426L Neuroanatomy (5)
BIO 520/520L Endocrinology (4)
BIO 548/548L Advanced Plant Physiology (4)
BIO 550/550L Plant Growth and Development (4)
BOT 425/425L Mycology (4)
BOT 428/428L Plant Physiology (5)
BOT 433/433L Phycology (4)
BOT 435/435L Plant Anatomy (4)
BOT 441/441L Methods in Plant Pathology (4)
MIC 425/425L Medical Mycology (5)
MIC 444/444L Hematology (4)
MIC 445/425L Immunohematology (4)
ZOO 422/422L Histology (5)
ZOO 425/425L Medical Parasitology (5)
ZOO 426/426L Introduction to Entomology (4)
ZOO 428/428L Animal Physiology (5)
ZOO 429/429L Herpetology (4)
ZOO 430/430L Mammalogy (4)
ZOO 435/435L Ornithology (4)
ZOO 439/L Evolutionary Ecomorphology (4)
ZOO 440/440L Physiological Ecology of Animals (4)
ZOO 441/441L Ichthyology (4)

List C (Ecology/Evolutionary) - you must take at least one course from this list

BIO 406 Biological Systematics (3)
BIO 413 Principles of Evolution (4)
BIO 415L Field Studies in the Southwest (4)
BIO 416L Field Studies in Baja California (4)
BIO 418 Population Ecology (3)
BIO 420 Water Pollution Biology (3)
BIO 425/425L Chaparral Biology (4)
BIO 442/442L Marine Ecology (5)
BIO 445/445L Population Genetics (4)
BIO 485 Tropical Biology (3)
BIO 527/527L Community Analysis (4)
BIO 528 Community Ecology (3)
BIO 530 Mechanisms of Speciation (3)
BIO 532L Tropical Field Biology (Costa Rica) (2-6)
BIO 534/534L Water Pollution Biology (5)
BIO 536 Conservation Biology (4)
BIO 540 Biogeography (3)
BOT 421/421L Plant Ecology (4)
BOT 434/434L Evolution of Plants (5)
BOT 440/440L Diagnosis and Control of Plant Disease (4)
ZOO 419/419L Animal Behavior (3)
ZOO 451/451L Comparative Anatomy of Vertebrates (5)

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