Application Process

Admission to Biological Sciences Department Graduate Program is determined by the members of the Graduate Faculty, and is based on the total academic record of the applicant. Applications will be screened by interested Graduate Faculty members, who will advise the Graduate Coordinator when an applicant qualifies for admittance. Admission to the program is competitive, therefore, it is important that all applicants adhere to deadlines, requirements and sponsor-policy.

Admissions Checklist (pdf; 1 page 12 KB) - to help you make sure your application is complete.

The Application Flowchart below is designed to aid those applying to the Graduate Program during the submission process. Follow each step to ensure that all requirements are completed. Clicking a box will forward you to the information page pertaining to that step.

The Application Flowchart below is designed to aid those applying to the Graduate Program during the submission process 17. Check Admission Status 16. Submit fficial transcripts 15. Cal Poly Admissions Office 14. Submit GRE Scores 13. Cal Poly University 12. Statement of intent 11. Three letters of recommendation 10. Department of Biological Sciences 9. Submit documents to the following entities 8. Apply to Cal Poly at 7. Email admissions workbook to graduate coordinator 6. Qualified applicants, find a Faculty Sponsor 5. Complete admissions workbook to determine qualification 4. Application Deadlines 3. Degree and Curriculum Requirements 2. Admission Requirements 1. Check these documents before proceeding with application

Additional Information

  • It is recommended that students read the FAQ page before proceeding with the application process.
  • You may also download a copy of our printable checklist.
  • Get connected to Cal Poly Pomona - become a Bronco VIP. We will communicate electronically the information you request as well as important announcements.
  • Departmental Graduate Program Policies.
  • Online Orientation for new graduate students, developed by Student Affairs. Although intended for student who have been admitted to the university, applicants may find useful information here.

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