Master's of Science Program in Biological Sciences

The Master of Science Degree in the Biological Sciences Department is designed to enhance the knowledge and competence of the student in his or her field of specialization and to develop the potential for a career of continuing, self-directed study and research. The curriculum also prepares candidates for further specialized training on the Ph.D. level and allows for entry into a variety of professional schools to pursue other advanced postgraduate degrees. The courses in the program are designed not merely for study in the field, but also to introduce various research techniques and require the continuing review of the scientific literature relevant to the graduate student studies. Graduates of the program have proceeded to contribute to the biotechnology industry, environmental sciences, agriculture, medical sciences and education.

Program Information


  • Fall Quarter: Application window through is October 1 - June 15. No applications will be taken after June 15. Fall Quarter begins the following September.
  • Winter Quarter: Application window through is June 1 - November 1. No applications will be taken after November 1. Winter Quarter begins the following January.
  • Spring Quarter: Application window through is August 1 - February 1. No applications will be taken after February 1. Spring Quarter begins the following end of March or beginning of April.
  • Summer Quarter is closed. No applications will be accepted.

Questions should be directed to the Admissions Office.

Supporting materials (Departmental and University requirement)

  1. Admissions workbook
  2. Letters of recommendation
  3. GRE general test official scores
  4. Statement of intent
  5. Identification of sponsor
  6. Completion of all course requirements for undergraduate degree

Deadlines for supporting materials

  • Fall Quarter applications: July 15.
  • Winter Quarter applications: November 15.
  • Spring Quarter applications: February 15.


Current Students

Status Reports


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The Department of Biological Sciences has over 1000 undergraduate students and approximately 100 graduate students.

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