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Tenure-Track Position Opening: Plant Geneticist

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Jacob Cecala

Biology student wins competition

Graduate student Jake Cecala was recognized for his master's thesis research at the Pacific Branch Entomological Society of America's 98th annual meeting on April 8 in Tucson, Arizona. Jake's poster, titled "Effects of floral visitation frequency and time of day on cumulative pollen deposition by bee assemblages in Southern California watermelon crops", won second place in the M.S. student poster competition. Jake works with Dr. Joan Leong on measuring the collective pollination services of honey bees and native bees in local organic and conventional watermelon fields.

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Program to Prepare Science Students for Workplace

Recent graduates may enter the workforce and find that their classroom knowledge doesn't necessarily translate into job skills. Those bound for doctoral programs might be prepared for the coursework but not the rigorous research environment. And those headed for careers in education could find that teaching a class is far different from taking a class. A new College of Science program funded by the National Science Foundation aims to bridge those gaps, easing students' transition to life after college. Read more

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Faculty in the Deparment of Biological Sciences are active in original research and involve their graduate and undergraduate students in their research projects.

This section contains the latests publications by the department's faculty and research students along with descriptions of their relevance. Read more

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