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Livestock Show Team

About This Club

Livestock Show Team provides the opportunity for any student to gain hands-on animal experience working with numerous livestock species.  Whether you were raised on the farm or have never seen a cow in person let alone touched one, Livestock Show Team welcomes you.  Members from all majors benefit from working with livestock through the club.  Animal Science Pre-Vet majors can count time spent working with the livestock as animal experience hours for vet school applications and Agricultural Education majors can get experience raising market animals like their future students will be teaching. 

Members can choose to work with either cattle, sheep, goats or swine and once animals are assigned, the students are responsible for preparing them for competitions held throughout California and out of state as well.  The club’s biggest competitions are the Great Western Livestock Show held in Tulare, CA and the Los Angeles County Fair held at the Pomona Fairplex in the fall.  The club provides all animals and sponsors all fees associated with showing, which means that students do not have to pay for these valuable experiences, but they do have to participate in fundraising events to make showing possible.  Livestock Show Team uses fun events such as “Cow Pie Bingo” and “Kiss the Cow” to fundraise that not only serve as a means to support club activities, but also to increase campus awareness of the animal units and what purpose they serve to Agriculture students.  Along with animal experience and fun events, the club also offers the chance to meet students with similar interests and make long lasting friends.

Meetings are held throughout the quarter and exact dates can be found in the club display case located on the first floor of the College of Agriculture.  Our display case will also contain information regarding upcoming competitions and the club’s fundraising activities.

2014 - 2015 Officers & More

President: Raine Hayes
Treasurer: Hanna Wineland
Ag Council Rep:  
Advisor: Dr. Allen Pettey
Advisor: Steve Miller
Club Email:
Meeting date/time/location: TBA
Club majors: All majors
Number of members: 50
Club Events & Activities: Numerous events and activities
Annual Trips/Travel: Livestock shows in various locations
Community Service Projects: Ag Beautification, Wool for Worthy Causes