International Viscera Cooler Club (IVCC)

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About the Club

The IVCC club provides hands on learning opportunities through the fabrication of various meat products and visits to conferences and other meat facilities.

2013 - 2014 Officers & More

President: April Aquino
Vice President: James Jalbert
Secretary: Uldalina Meza
Treasurer: James Jalbert
Publicity: Kailynne Atkinson
Ag Council Rep: Emma Garcia
Fundraising/Event Chair: April Aquino
Scheduler: April Aquino
Advisor: Robert Karmann
Advisor: Shelton Murinda
Club Email:
Club Website:
Meeting date/time/location: Every other Tuesday / 12:00pm / 2-201
Club majors: Open to all majors (common majors- Animal Science, Ag Science, Agribusiness)
Number of members: 15
Club Events & Activities: Ice Cream Social, Pumpkin Festival, Spring Fling
Annual Trips/Travel: NAMA, CAMP, Sysco Food Show, other meat processing facilities (such as In-n-Out and Oscar Mayer)
Community Service Projects: Ag beautification
General Information: The club routinely participates in collegiate meat competitions and networks with industry.
History of Club: Dormant for about 30 years until re-chartered in 2010
Club Goals: Gain education and experience in the food processing (meat) industry.
Mission: The club strives to explore the vast opportunities available in the post-harvest industry.