For-Credit Certificate Programs in Apparel Production and Retailing

I keep six honest serving men (they taught me all I knew); Their names are What and Why and When, and How and Where and Who.
– Rudyard Kipling, The Elephant’s Child

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The Apparel Merchandising & Management Department is offering a series of for-credit certificate programs in Apparel Production and Fashion Retailing starting in Summer 2013. The Certificates are based on the courses in our acclaimed Bachelor of Science program.

Our certificates provide introductory, intermediate and advanced undergraduate study for adults who are interested in careers in apparel production and fashion retailing. AMM Certificates are offered as part-time, for credit programs that have fewer entrance requirements than full time undergraduate study.

Whether you are seeking a career in apparel production, wholesaling, retailing, or a related field, our for-credit courses and Certificate Programs will offer you a thorough foundation and cutting-edge insights into the business processes and technologies of the industry. They will provide a launch pad for your career, a place to network with your peers. They are also a means to supplement your existing degree or to establish a foundation for doing a four-year degree.

Up to 36 quarter units successfully completed through a Certificate may be used towards a California State University degree program, for students who apply and are accepted into such a program at a later date.

Courses may be taken singly, or in a customized combination. For more advanced courses, students not following a designated Certificate program may be required to demonstrate they have the pre-requisite knowledge to be successful. Courses may also be taken on a noncredit basis.

Some courses can be found in multiple Certificates. This enables you to add additional certificates with fewer courses to complete.

Our curriculum covers the following Certificate programs:

  1. Apparel Manufacturing (16 quarter units 480 hours of study over 9 months)

    Apparel Construction; Apparel Product Analysis; Apparel Production; Advanced Apparel Production; Apparel Operations Management

  2. Apparel Product Development (15 quarter units 450 hours of study over 12 months)

    Digital Illustration for Fashion; Apparel Construction; Apparel Design Analysis; Apparel Product Analysis; Design & Merchandising Strategies; Apparel Product Development II.

  3. Textile Technology (16 quarter units 480 hours of study over 12 months)

    Introduction to Textile Science; Textile Fabrication; Textile Specification Testing; Advanced Technologies in Fibers, Textiles and Apparel.

  4. Fashion Retail Management (18 quarter units 540 hours of study over 9 months)

    The Fashion Industry; Apparel Retailing; Apparel Retail Buying 1; Apparel Wholesale Operations; Issues in Apparel Retail Management

  5. Visual Merchandising & Promotion (15 quarter units 450 hours of study over 9 months)

    Fashion Industry; Digital Illustration for Fashion; Apparel Design Analysis; Fashion Promotion; Visual Merchandising & Store Design.

  6. Fashion Retail Buying & Sourcing (16 quarter units 480 hours of study over 9 months)

    Apparel Retailing; Apparel Retail Buying 1; Apparel Retail Buying 2; Apparel Sourcing & Supply Chain Management.

  7. International Fashion Business (15 quarter units 450 hours of study over 9 months)

    Apparel Importing & Exporting; International Apparel Market Research; Apparel Sourcing & Supply Chain Management; Dynamics of the Global Apparel Industry.

  8. Patternmaking (16 quarter units 480 hours of study over 12 months)

    Apparel Construction; Introduction to Pattern-making; Apparel Technical Design; Apparel Product Development I; Apparel Product Development II.

  9. Research Methods for the Fashion Industry (16 quarter units 480 hours of study over 9 months)

    American Demographics & Lifestyles; Statistics for the Fashion Industry; International Apparel Marketing Research; Basic Research Project.

More details about each certificate are available on the Certificates Offered page.


Fall 2013 September 30 – December 11, 2013
Winter 2014 January 6 – March 21, 2014

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AMM Certificates are a resource not only to learn about the essential processes and characteristics of the apparel production and fashion retailing sectors, but also a way to understand the impact of emerging technologies and practices in the field.

AMM Certificate Programs present a range of courses and disciplines to help you reach your goals. We offer nine certificates; each containing a sequence of courses in a specialized apparel field that builds both your conceptual knowledge and your practical skills. Our learn-by-doing approach helps you to apply what you learn in your career.

AMM Certificates are an ideal way for you to advance your knowledge and skills in a particular area. They will equip you with the capabilities to move up in your career or to develop a new career direction. A certificate tells the world that you have attained proficiency and professionalism in your field. It is qualification that demonstrates you are able to meet the demands of your chosen profession.

Our Certificate Program offers many benefits:

  • Recognized for-credit courses that form part of our acclaimed Bachelors degree, accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC).
  • Renowned instructors—that are practicing professionals
or distinguished university faculty.
  • Access to the resources of a major university.
  • Open enrollment, flexible class loads, schedules and formats that fit with your career, and the potential to transfer relevant credits.
  • Class schedules and formats that work with your career - online, in downtown LA or on the Cal Poly Pomona campus.
  • Completion in as little as 9 months with just 16 hours per week of your time (class and study).


An AMM Certificates program is an ideal vehicle for those students who seek to enhance their knowledge and skills in specific areas relevant to their present position or future career track but may not need or wish to enroll in a full degree program.

Our Certificates are open to all students, regardless of experience level. Students should expect a rigorous educational experience, as part of which, they will be required to demonstrate proficiency in writing, math and office computing skills.

Individuals with qualifications or experience in apparel business, design and production, merchandising, international trade and fashion retailing can excel in our certificates and are welcome to apply.

You may also enroll in our Certificates Program as a preliminary step toward enrollment in our Bachelor of Science in Apparel Merchandising & Management program.


Courses are taught via hybrid and face-to face instructional methods.

•  in downtown Los Angeles at the California Market Center,
•  at the Cal Poly Campus in Pomona, and


Determine the Certificate course(s) you wish to take. Then sign-up for AMM Certificate Program courses via the Courses Information & Registration page on the College of the Extended University's web site.