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As an art and/or graphic design major you should register for at least two art classes each quarter. It is very important to take courses sequentially since most have prerequisites. As a freshman, you should follow the recommended four year sequence of courses in each program.

The university catalog provides the following course information:
Complete list of Art Department courses
Curriculum sheets
Graphic Design Curriculum Map
Art History Curriculum Map
Fine Art Curriculum Map


Curriculum Sheet / Graphic Design Electives / Fine Art or Art History Electives

Graphic Design Approved Electives for Graphic Design Major (download PDF)

(last modified: Winter 2012)

Art 200 Special Study
Art 275A Introduction to Digital Photography
Art 299 Special Topics
Art 347A Digital Illustration*
Art 352A Graphic Design II (May be repeated once)
Art 356A Web Design II
Art 375A Photography as an Expressive Media
Art 400 Special Study
Art 450A Book Arts*
Art 452A Graphic Design III (May be repeated once)
Art 453A Package Design*
Art 454A Environmental Graphic Design*
Art 455A Motion Graphics I (May be repeated once)
Art 456A Motion Graphics II
Art 458 Internship—(May be repeated for a total of 4 units)
Art 464 Professional Practices in Graphic Design (May be repeated once)
Art 499 Special Topics
ENV 200 Special Study
ENV 299 Special Topics
ENV 499 Special Topics
ENV 400 Special Study
Com 232 Publications Photography
Com 280 Understanding Photographic Image
Com 306 Professional Selling
Com 431 Digital Photography
IBM 302 Marketing Strategy
IBM 306 Integrated Marketing
IBM 402 Product and Brand Management
IBM 411 Buyer Behavior
TH231/231A Principles and Practices of Theatrical Design
TH337/337A Scene Design
TH381/381A Stage Costume Design & Construction

* (available once per academic year)

Fine Art or Art History Electives for Graphic Design Major
Courses in Fine Art
Please consult with your advisor.

Courses in Art History
Art 211 Arts of Africa, Oceania and Native America
Art 216 History of Asian Art
Art 309 Japanese Art History
Art 310 Art of the United States
Art 312 Visual Arts in the 20th Century
Art 313 Contemporary Art
Art 314 Art of Mexico, Central and South America
Art 315 Art of Ancient Egypt and the Near East
Art 316 Art of the Classical World
Art 317 Art of the Middle Ages
Art 318 Art of the Italian Renaissance
Art 320 Art of the Baroque Period
Art 407 Art and Architecture of India
Art 418 Art History Seminar


Curriculum Sheet / Approved Electives

Art History Approved Electives for Art History Majors(download PDF)
ANT 370 Visual Anthropology
COM 270 Media, Politics, Sex and Violence
COM 280 Understanding and Appreciating the Photographic Image
COM 413 Public Opinion, Propaganda and the Mass Media
ENG 330 Narrative in Literature and Film
ENG 451 Modernism and Postmodernism
HST 301 Early and Medieval China
HST 302 China from 900 to 1800
HST 303 China since 1800
HST 305 Ancient and Medieval India
HST 306 Modern India
HST 307 South Asia
HST 309 Modern Southeast Asia
HST 310 Ancient Mesopotamia
HST 311 Ancient Egypt
HST 312 Ancient Israel and Middle Eastern Empires
HST 313 Middle East : The Rise of Islam
HST 314 Middle East: The Ottoman Empire
HST 315 Middle East : Problems of the 20th Century
HST 317 Ancient Greece
HST 318 Hellenistic Greece and Republican Rome
HST 319 Imperial Rome
HST 320 Europe 300-1100: Early Middle Ages
HST 321 Europe 1100-1450: High and Late Middle Ages
HST 322 Europe 1450-1648: Renaissance, Reformation and Wars of Religion
HST 323 Europe 1648-1789: Enlightenment, Absolutism and Constitutionalism
HST 324 Europe 1789-1850: Revolution and Reaction
HST 325 Europe 1850-1914: Nationalism, Imperialism and Industrialization
HST 326 Europe 1900-1945: World Wars and the Crisis of Liberalism
HST 327 Europe since 1945: Cold War, Unity and New Order
HST 329 Pre-colonial History of North Africa
HST 330 Modern History of North Africa
HST 331 Pre-colonial Africa
HST 332 Colonial Africa
HST 333 African nationalism and Decolonization
HST 335 Latin America : The Colonial Period
HST 336 Latin America: The Era of Nation Building
HST 337 Latin America Since 1900
HST 338 The Caribbean
HST 341 Colonial America 1000-1783
HST 342 America in the Federal period 1783-1815
HST 343 The Age of Jackson 1815-1890
HST 344 Civil War and Reconstruction 1860-1890
HST 345 America Comes of Age 1890-1945
HST 347 United States since 1945
HST 351 Britain to 1689
HST 352 Britain since 1689
HST 354 Medieval Russia to 1700
HST 355 Imperial Russia 1700-1917
HST 356 The Soviet Union
HST 359 East Central Europe
HST 361 Brazil
HST 362 Mexico to 1810
HST 363 Mexican History since 1810
HST 365 China since 1949
HST 368 Japan to 1868
HST 370 History of California
HST 371 History of Southern California
HST 374 The American West
HST 375 The American Southwest
HST 390 History and Historians
HST 399 History of Modern Nation States
HST 401 History of African Americans I
HST 402 History of African Americans II
HST 403 History of Native Americans
HST 405 Immigrants in American Life
HST 406 Women in the United States
HST 407 History of American Workers 1877 to the Present
HST 408 History of American Science and Technology
HST 409 History of War and American Society
HST 410 The 20th Century American Political Biography
HST 411 History of Urban America
HST 413 Religion in American Society
HST 414 Diplomatic History of the United States
HST 415 American Intellectual History
HST 421 The Scientific Revolution
HST 423 Modern Science in World History
HST 425 Great Britain in the Industrial Revolution
HST 428 The Atlantic World
HST 431 Topics in World Civilization
HST 432 Technology in World History
HST 433 Nonviolence in the Modern World
HST 435 World Slavery
HST 437 Mexican Revolution
HST 441 Women in Asia
HST 450 Culture and Thought in Imperial Russia
PHL 301 Philosophy of the Arts
PHL 303 Philosophy of Religion
PHL 312 History of Ancient Philosophy
PHL 313 History of Medieval Philosophy
PHL 314 History of Modern Philosophy
PHL 315 Contemporary Philosophy
PHL 318 Great Philosophers
PHL 319 19th-Century Philosophy
PHL 320 American Philosophy
PHL 401 Philosophy and Religion of Japan
PHL 402 Philosophy and Religion of China
PHL 403 Philosophy and Religion of India
PHL 466 Myth, Symbol and Ritual
PHL 468 Film Aesthetics
TH 301 Though Artist's Eyes: Visions of World Artists
TH 311 History of Theatre I
TH 312 History of Theatre II
TH 313 History of Theatre III
TH 481 History of Costume


If you are having problems registering for classes,
please see your department's administrative coordinator
for assistance.