Technology and Environment: The Postwar House in Southern California Workshop

On April 23rd as part of the exhibit “Technology and Environment: The Postwar House in Southern California”, Pablo La Roche and his team did a workshop in the Cal Poly Pomona Kellogg Gallery for elementary school kids of Pomona and Claremont. Dr. La Roche did two sessions: one on the relation of energy and climate change and another one on the importance of water conservation. Students built aquifers and ate from solar cookers in the gallery courtyard. Inside the gallery they were excited by the three dimensional representation of the illuminance level in VDL’s garden house (3 PM on June 21st) and a full room heliodon which we constructed with theater lights, and which could show the summer and winter sun at different hours shining on Ray Kappe’s house in Pacific Palisades. It was an incredible feeling to see the kid’s faces when they understood the relationship of the sun with the model and how an overhang in the right position worked differently in the summer and the winter. Nothing beats seeing those “aha” moments in real time.















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