In Memory: Rob Yamnitz


Rob Yamnitz, a Master of Architecture student who entered the graduate program in Cal Poly Pomona’s Department of Architecture in September 2007, passed away in his sleep at his mother’s home in Idaho Falls, Idaho on September 10, 2011. Rob was scheduled to receive his M.Arch. degree in January 2011, but was unable to complete his degree due to his health.

Rob was born January 19, 1984 in Aurora, Colorado and grew up in Lake Zurich, Illinois. He received a B.A. degree from the Universty of Illinois, Chicago before coming to Cal Poly Pomona. He was married to Ashley Wentland Yamnitz and is survived by his parents, three brothers and a sister.

While in the architecture program, Rob proved himself to be a very talented, smart and dedicated student, with a strong interest in sustainability. With his classmates Rudy Marnich and Mike Yao, he won Second Prize in Challenge 1 of the 2010 Leading Edge Student Design Competition, which focused on sustainable and energy-efficient building practices. He also co-authored, with Rudy Marnich, Mike Yao and Professor Pablo La Roche, two peer-reviewed papers on roof ponds used in passive cooling. In addition, Rob’s design for a pedestrian bridge between the two Cal Poly Pomona College of Engineering buildings was chosen by Engineering as the winner in a competition between teams of architecture and civil engineering students.

Rob was highly thought of by his classmates and the faculty. He had great potential in the profession of architecture and will be missed by all who knew him in the Department. We extend our deepest sympathies to his wife and family.






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