Real Cause for Celebration

A message from the president

J. Michael OrtizCal Poly Pomona has long been a place of positive energy. You can feel it in classrooms and labs, throughout the Quad, in rehearsal rooms and library study areas, even on the paseo to the east of my office where student dance groups practice their moves.

That energy is more palpable this year, and it’s no mystery why: For the first time in nearly a decade, the California State University’s finances are not in turmoil. The passage of Proposition 30 last fall staved off another round of steep budget cuts and rescinded yet another increase in tuition. Although state funding for the CSU remains about $1 billion less than it was several years ago, the downward spiral has ended. In addition, the Student Success Fee, which our own students approved, is helping to restore important services and programs that were reduced or cut during the protracted budget crisis.

This positive turn could not have come at a better time. As you know, we are celebrating our 75th anniversary and are planning many events throughout the academic year. I encourage you to take part.

Anniversaries are times not only for celebration, but reflection. They are markers of our progress, as well as opportunities to recommit ourselves to the principles we hold dear. One of our core principles is to remain a gateway to the middle class — to professional success — for generations to come. The challenges have never been greater, but because of you and others who invest in higher education, that commitment remains firm.

Thank you for taking our 75th anniversary theme to heart: Honor the past. Celebrate the present. Build the future.

J. Michael Ortiz
President, Cal Poly Pomona
(909) 869-2290